The Long Lost Brother Chapter 2

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 2
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand ^^

It was time for summer vacation, Mr.Choi took his family to Busan to enjoy their summer holiday, they rented a van as soon as they get there to travel around the city. Busan has many steep hills and beaches, creating a very unusual mix of mountains and ocean. The boys had so much fun at the beach, swimming and playing the water sports. Continuing the journey, they headed to one of the mountain resort in Busan, Mr.Choi saw their boys are sleeping through their reflection in the rear view mirror.
"Look honey, our boys are sleeping" He told his wife with a smile on his face. His wife turned around and saw both of them were sleeping, Jongwoon's head resting on his hyung's shoulder and Siwon's head rested on his dongsaeng's head.
She turned back and smiled at her husband "They must've been tired, they played alot today".
"I guess so honey, they had so much fun today" He replied and their car was making a right turn when they saw a car from the opposite direction was taking the wrong track because it tried to overtake another car. He tried to stop the car by hitting the brakes and swerving the car to the left to avoid the crash but by doing that at a high speed had cost the van to lose it's balance and then tumbled over toward the guard rail before falling down to the cliff and went straight to the deep down sea below. Siwon tried to open his eyes, every part of his body was surely hurt like hell. He tried to focus on his surrounding after the tumble dry ride that he just experienced and realized that he wasn't inside the car anymore, he was lying above the asphalt, his hazy mind absently attempted to figure out what just happened.
"Yah kid, are you alright?!" He could see some people hovering above him and kept asking him questions.
"W-what's going on?" Siwon finally managed to say the words even though it just sounded more like a whisper.
"You just had a car accident and you were thrown out of the car" one of them answered his question.
"Accident?" he tried to digest it first and when it dawned on him, he automatically forced himself to get up and with the help of the people surround him, he finally managed to stand on his feet. He could feel the throbbing pain on his head and shoulder but he chose to ignore them. His eyes swept the area in attempt to look for their van, but he couldn't find it, he did notice the guardrail was broken.
"W-where's our car?" he asked the people who returned his question with saddened look on their face.
"I'm sorry kid but your car fell down to the cliff, I'm afraid you're going to be the only survivor" a man answered him.
Siwon looked at him in disbelief, his eyes widened "No...No!!!!! Mom! Dad! Jongwoon!!!" He ran toward the guardrail as if he wanted to jump off from there. Everyone was grabbing him tightly to prevent him from doing anything stupid "Let me goo!!! I need to save them!!!" Siwon shouted frantically while trying to break himself free.
"There's nothing you can do kid! Don be stupid!"
"No! I want to save them, I...." Siwon stopped at mid sentence when his surrounding started to fade into darkness, he then collapsed with tears trailing down his cheeks.

Siwon was treated for 3 days in the hospital in Busan before he was allowed to go home. He suffered from mild concussion and dislocated shoulder but they weren't life threatening, his uncle and Jonghyun was there to accompany him. They found the body of Mr.Choi and his wife 2 days after the accident but until the 7th day which was the last day of search and rescue mission, they still couldn't find Jongwoon's body. They were back to Seoul to prepare the funeral and Choi Yojin came to approach his nephew who was sitting alone and staring at nothing.
"Siwon-ah. I know it must be hard for you to attend the funeral of three persons that you love the most in the world, but you have to be strong Siwon-ah, and beside you still have me and Jonghyun, we will always be there for you" He tried to pretend like he truly cared about Siwon but he wasn't, he only cared about his wealth.
"It's two" Siwon replied with a short sentence
"What?" Yojin didn't get what he meant at first
"It's two persons uncle not three" Siwon said without even bothered to look at him.
"But Siwon-ah, it has been seven days, I don't think.." Siwon cut him before he could continue his words
"Jongwoon is still alive Uncle, I can feel it, so it's just gonna be the funeral for my mom and dad, there won't be any funeral for Jongwoon, because he's not dead!" Siwon's eyes stared at him sharply as he said the words.
"Alright then, as you wish Siwon-ah" Yojin didn't want to argue with him because whether he liked it or not, Siwon was going to inherit all his father's legacy and it's better for him to be nice with Siwon. Yojin thought that after Siwon's parents died, it would be easy to control the kid for his own advantage since Siwon got no one but him as the closest relative, he thought that Siwon would cling to him for support but it turned out differently, Siwon was stronger that he thought so he tried to find another way.
"Jonghyun-ah, listen to dad, you have to be able to replace Jongwoon's place in Siwon's heart, he was devastated right now and I'm sure he would need someone to talk to and someone to be loved, this is the right time for you to approach him. You always wanted to be in Jongwoon's place right? Now you got the chance, don't blow it!" Yojin infiltrated his son's mind with vicious idea.

Many of his parent's friends and colleagues came to the funeral, Siwon had lost the count of how many times he had bowed to those who came to pay their last respect to his parents. They all had the same expression on their faces, they felt pity for him because he had just lost all his family at once and was left alone in this world. "They were wrong, I'm not alone in this world, I still have Jongwoon, I have to be strong..... I have to....Jongwoon is waiting for me to find him..". All the people who came to the funeral were amazed how a small boy like Siwon was able to maintain his composure and didn't even cry at the funeral. Being back at home, Siwon spent his time in Jongwoon's room, looking at his pictures and stuffs. He held one of the picture in his hand, the smaller boy in that picture was smiling brightly while wrapping his hands around his hyung's hand as if he wouldn't want to be far away from him. "Jongwoon-ah, don't be scared ok.... hyung will find you, I have to wait for me Jongwoon-ah, you have to....." Siwon grasped the pendant of his necklace tightly "Mom....Dad... please help me to find him, help me to find Jongwoon....." He finally broke down and cried.

Meanwhile at a small fishermen village, a boy was lying unconscious with bandage on his head.
"Yobo, it has been 7days but he's still unconscious, what should we do?" Mrs.Kim asked his husband while her eyes still fixed on the boy.
"Let's wait until tomorrow, if he's still like this, I think we will have to bring him to the hospital in the city" Mr.Kim replied but then his eyes caught a slight movement of the boy's fingers. He looked at the boy closely, his eyes slowly fluttered open.
"I think he's awake" He smiled at his wife
"Really? Finally...." Mrs.Kim looked so relief.
Jongwoon tried to focus his sight because it was so blurry, he heard a muffled sound and tried to move his head but it was too damn painful.
"You're awake boy?" Jongwoon found a man hovering above him with a smiling face.
"W-who are you?" Jongwoon asked spontaneously
"I'm Mr.Kim and what's your name boy?" asked him
"My name?" Jongwoon stared at him blankly
"Yes your name... and maybe your parent's phone number too so we could inform them that you're here with us" Mr.Kim said
"My name name is...." Jongwoon kept repeating the words
"Yes boy what's your name, don't be scared just tell me" Mr.Kim said in softly tone
"I don't know...."

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The Long Lost Brother Chapter 1

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 1
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabulary, please understand ^^

If someone bothered to ask the 12 years old Siwon whether there was something that he valued more than anything in this world, without a doubt his answer would be his two years younger brother Jongwoon. Siwon had always been over protective of his little brother since the day he understood the he was the hyung, especially because the opposite looks that the two kids had. Siwon took after his father for having a taller figure compared with the other kids around his age. Handsome face with a strong jawline that was accompanied with a smart brain had made him the most perfect boy a parent could ever dream of. As for Jongwoon, he resembled his mother by having a smaller figure, a pretty face with a small lips and a pointy chin that caused him to be mistaken for a girl for countless times. Unfortunately Jongwoon wasn't born to be as smart as his hyung but he did have his own advantage which was his amazing ability to sing so beautifully for a kid at his age. His dream was always to be a singer and for him being born as the son of Mr.Choi who owned the biggest entertainment company in Korea that had produced the most famous idols within the country would made sure that his dream will come true. Mr.Choi could've promoted his younger son to be a singer even at his early age but he decided not to, he wanted his son to spend his childhood time as an ordinary kid and not being an idol because it could corrupt his mind for having others to worship him since he was still just a child.

"Mom.... what's this?" Siwon held up a necklace that was made of a round white gold pendant and laced together with a black cord. The pendant had the initial S.W and J.W etched onto it. Mrs.Choi took the the necklace from his oldest son's hands and held it up, dangling it from her fingers.
"Do you see the initials on this pendant Siwon-ah? They stand for Siwon and Jongwoon, I designed it myself and I ordered two of them from the jewelry store especially for both of you" She said as she showed the other one in the box which looked exactly the same with the one that was dangling from her fingers.
"They would act as a binder that will always keep reminding both of you that you're brothers and should always love and care for each other regardless what will happen in the future". Siwon took it back from his mother's hand and placed the necklace around his neck. The necklace was rather long for him, the pendant settled around his lower chest.
"I've made it longer so both of you could still wear them when you've grown up" She smiled at him.
"I really like it mom, thank you" He made a short pause as he looked down at the pendant "And when are you going to give the other one to Jongwoon?" He questioned as his gaze travelled to the box that contained the other necklace.
Mrs.Choi took the box and held it in one of her hand "Siwon-ah, I want you to be the one who gives it to Jongwoon" She said as she put it in one of Siwon's hand.
"I want you to always remember that as a hyung, it's your obligation to look after your dongsaeng" She said as her eyes looked at him gently.
"Don't worry mom, I will" Siwon said it in full determination.

"Hi Siwon hyung!" Siwon turned his head toward the direction of the voice to find out who had just called him.
"Ah Jonghyun-ah you'here, did you come with your dad?" Siwon asked the boy who slowly came to approach him.
"Yes hyung, dad said that he got something to discuss with Uncle" Jonghyun smiled and then his gaze fixed on a small box that was held in Siwon's hand
"Hyung what's that?" Jonghyun asked Siwon out of curiosity.
"You mean this Jonghyun-ah?" Siwon held it up and getting the nod from Jonghyun as the answer.
"It's a necklace Jonghyun-ah, I'm about to give it to Jongwoon, it's from our mom, I have one too, see? Siwon said as he showed Jonghyun the dangling necklace around his neck.
"It's pretty hyung... I like it" Jonghyun plastered a smile on his face but deep down inside he envied the two brothers for being blessed with two loving and loaded parents while him on the other hand was cursed for getting a father who only knew how to beat him and spending most of his spare time to hold the grudge against his own brother which was Siwon and Jongwoon's father for making him feel like such a failure. Everything that he had tried to build always seemed to be destined end up as a failure while his own brother was having his glorious moment in running the business. But actually no one deserved to be blamed other than himself for having such a greedy and mischievous nature in doing business that had made no one was eager to have any kind of business relationship with him.
"I like it too Jonghyun-ah, my mom designed it herself" Siwon's voice had snapped him out of his reverie and had him realized that it was his turn to speak.
"Really envy both of you hyung, my mom left me because she couldn't bear to live with my dad" He said it with a bitter smile tugged on his face.
The guilty feeling washed over Siwon, how could he be so inconsiderate to Jonghyun. Siwon wrapped his arms around Jonghyun and bring him closer into his hug "Jonghyun-ah, don't be sad ok, you have my dad, my mom, Jongwoon and me who will always love you".
Jonghyun could feel that tears had started to form in his eyes but he held it from falling down, he wasn't going to allow himself to cry in front of Siwon because it would make him look even more pathetic. If there's someone in this world that he truly envied so much, it would be Jongwoon. He was the same age with him and even almost having the same name but why did they have to live in such a different circumstances. Jongwoon had everything that he could ever wished for, amazing parents, a truly loving brother and a beautiful voice that surpassed his own. Siwon broke the hug and pat his head "C'mon smile for me Jonghyun-ah" He teased him a little bit and Jonghyun forced a smile across his face.

"Hyuuung!!!" Siwon could hear the most familiar voice calling for him so he automatically turned his head to look at the smaller figure who ran across the room heading toward him and then end up dangling onto him like a little monkey.
"Yah Jongwoon-ah, you're heavy now, you should stop doing this or you're going to break my neck someday" Siwon couldn't stop himself from teasing his dongsaeng and earned a very cute pouty mouth from him.
"You're so mean hyung.... I've been looking everywhere for you, where have you been?" Jongwoon said it with a sullen face .
Siwon pinched Jongwoon's chubby cheek and pat his head lighty "I was looking for you too Jongwoon-ah, I was with mom before". Jongwoon was about to reply his hyung but then he just realized he hadn't greeted his cousin yet."Yah Jonghyun-ah you're here! Why didn't you come and look for me so we can play together" He said cheerfully. "I was about to Jongwoon-ah but then I met your hyung and we talked" He smiled at him.
"But since we're all here, let's play together then, mom bought me a new game for my PS" Jongwoon looked so excited to test the new game.
"I'm sorry Jongwoon-ah, but I think it's better for me to find my dad, because he told me he won't be long and you know that he hates waiting" Jonghyun couldn't hide the frightful tone in his voice.
"Ah It's ok Jonghyun-ah, we can always play it together next time" Jongwoon tried to cheer him up and Siwon couldn't help but feel proud of his dongsaeng for being so considerate toward his cousin's difficulty. Jonghyun bid farewell to both of them and left the two brothers alone.
"Hyung.... I was jealous when I saw you hugging Jonghyun before, but I guess it's ok if you want to love him more than me because I feel sad for him, he got no mom and his dad like to scold him, I already have mom and dad who loves me very much, I can't be selfish, right hyung?" His eyes looking at Siwon with sincerity in them.
Siwon felt so touched by his dongsaeng's words and he just realized how he loved his dongsaeng very much, not just because the fact that he was the only sibling that he had but also because the purity of his heart. Siwon opened the box that he had been carrying around and fished out the necklace out of it.
"Jongwoon-ah do you see this necklace? Mom made two of them, this one is for you" Siwon placed the necklace around Jongwoon's neck
"I got one too from mom" Siwon held his own necklace in his hand "Look at the initials on the pendant Jongwoon-ah, SW & JW, they represent our names. It's for reminding us that we always have to be together because we're brothers".
"They're pretty hyung, I like it" Jongwoon said as he held his own while his eyes gazing at his hyung's. Siwon placed both of his hands on Jongwoon's shoulders and said "I want you to remember this Jongwoon-ah, there's no one in this world than I could love more than you, because you're the one and only dongsaeng that I have, I love Jonghyun too Jongwoon-ah, but my love for him would never ever surpass my love for you, do you understand me?"
"I know hyung.... And I love you the most too" Jongwoon hugged his hyung tightly.


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The Art Of Voice

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