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Title : Memories
Character : KRY+Sungmin+Donghae
Genre : Angst, brotherhood
Rating : G
Summary : This about the Last KRY Concert with Yesung
Warning : Character Death
Type : Oneshot
Disclaimer : I wrote this in a hurry so please forgive the bad grammars :p

Looking at their peaceful sleeping face, I can't stop the tears that start to run down freely on my cheeks. Tomorrow yes tomorrow...., we're going to held our second KRY tour in Seoul, I feel so happy because finally we could have another concert in our own hometown but I also feel so sad because this might be our last concert together. Time is something that starts to drift away from me, the doctor said I only got 6 months to live, the funny thing is he said that 7 months ago, but here I am still alive, even though I know that maybe it's a bonus that God gave me so I can spend this precious time together with them, to end the journey of the KRY in our beautiful hometown, Seoul city.

"Hyung? Are you ok? You look pale" Kyuhyun asked me worrily.
"I'm fine Kyu-ah, don't worry" I tried to smile even though my head felt so damn hurt.
"Hyung, Kyu was right, you do look pale, maybe we should cancel the last song, I'm sure our fans will understand" Wookie said and then walked toward our manager to inform him. I grabbed his hand to stop him "Wookie-ah, please.... I want to sing the last song, it means a lot to me, I'm ok....I still can sing, it's only one song..." I told him with pleaded eyes
"Hyung, I won't agree with that! I don't want anything bad happen to you, your health seems to deteriorate nowadays, I think we should take you to the doctor now!" Hae held my hand but I yanked it free.
"Hae please......I want to finish our concert with that song" I said with pleaded tone and tears has begun to fall down on my cheeks.
"Hyung... If you really think that you can finish the song, I'll support you...please don't cry ok..." Sungmin said as he wiped away my tears with his thumbs.
"Minnie-ah, hyung is sick! How could you support him huh?! You should prevent him from doing stupid thing like this!" Kyu said with angry tone.
"Kyu-ah, I know hyung is sick, but it's just one song, I can't bear to see him like this" Sungmin said and then turned his gaze at me.
"Hyung... you have to promise me, if you feel that you can't stand it anymore, you have to tell us so we can bring you to the hospital immediately" Sungmin said while looking at my eyes deeply.
"I promise..... thank you Minnie-ah" I said before giving him a hug. I can feel the other's hands patted my shoulder so I broke the hug and looked at the rest of them, smiling.
"If you really want it so bad, maybe the hospital can wait Hyung, I just want to see you happy" Hae said as he stretched his contagious smile across his face.
"Thank you Hae-ah" and I hugged him too.
"You're so stubborn hyung! Do it as you wish, and don't blame me if you're getting sicker after this!" Kyuhyun said with angry tone but I know deep down inside he supported me too, he just couldn't find the right words to express it.
"Thank you Kyu-ah" and before I went to hug him, he already drew me in his hug first and scolded me stupid.
"Wookie-ah, aren't you gonna say something" I asked him in teasing tone.
"What else to say hyung, it's 4 against 1, I just hope you can keep your promise by not forcing yourself to finish the song if you really can't" Wookie said calmly and for the first time I felt the eternal magnae sounded like the oldest among us.
"Thank you Wookie-ah" I pulled him into my embrace and then he said that he will punish me with starvation if I break my promise.

So the last song is memories, my favorite one out of all the songs in our fifth album because I would like to cherish each of the beautiful memories that I have with them and hoping when I'm gone, there's a place for me in their memories, I don't ask for a big portion of it, just a tiny part will be enough, at least they would still remember this fail Yesung hyung ever existed in their life, it's not too much to ask rite?
I was in the middle of my adlib's part when I felt the throbbing pain in my head, I could barely withstand it but I told myself I have to, it's just one more minute....please let me stay conscious for one more minute. I could hear the music ends and people's clapping before all the world seemed to be painted in the darkest black.

"four of you, stop blaming yourself, it was his time, there's nothing you can do to prevent it" Leeteuk said while trying to look strong in front of the younger ones.
"Why didn't he tell us hyung, why?!!!!" Kyuhyun asked in furious tone as his eyes was brimming with tears.
"He didn't want you guys to worry about him and then cancel the concert" Leeteuk said.
"Of course we would've cancelled the concert!! The concert means nothing compare to him hyung! What's the hell is wrong with both of you huh?!!" Donghae shouted his lungs out.
"Let me ask all of you, if you know that you would die soon, would you rather to spend your last time lying in the bed or filling it with things that you like to do the most?" Leeteuk asked them thus making four of them stared at him in silence.
"I understand hyung.... I think I would've done the same thing if I were him" Wookie finally broke the silence while trying his best to control his sobbing.
"He left this for you guys" Leeteuk said as he held out a piece of folded paper from his pocket.
"What's this hyung?" Sungmin asked while trying to stop his sobbing but he failed miserably.
"Just read it" Leeteuk said as he handed it to Sungmin and then left them alone, maybe to have his own crying time after this.
Sungmin opened the letter and then read what was written in it for the rest of them to hear.

Hi... If you guys has read this letter then it means that I'm no longer with you and I'm sorry for hiding this from all of you.... I just didn't want all of you to worry about me since I already got Teukie hyung who crazily worries about me. I just want to say that all of this time that I've spent together with you guys are the most unforgettable memories that I will cherish for the rest of my live and if it's possible I really want them to be still with me even after I leave this world.

Kyuhyun-ah... you do know that I always love your soothing voice right? I always asked you to sing for me whenever I felt down and you never said no, you really love this weird hyung, don't you? And please don't mad at me ok.... I was always scared and sad when I saw you mad, please forgive me this time you always did....

Wookie-ah, the purest voice ever as pure as your heart, always cooked for me whenever I felt hungry, I always love your food, the best in the world. Wookie-ah... I'm sorry if I've troubled you so much all this time, I'm such a useless hyung, am I? It felt like it was you who took care of me all the time...

Donghae-ah, my jjeukomani, always made me laugh whenever I feel sad, you're the only one who dares to come close to me whenever I was mad, telling stupid jokes with that childish face of yours, making me couldn't help but laugh at them, Hae-ah... for this moody hyung, you will always be a child...a cute one...

Minnie-ah, we rarely talk, do we? I always didn't get you and your obsession with pink color, you're a man but why do you like that color so much huh? But I want you to know I always find you cute and I really admire you for having the ability to play various music instruments, something that I could never compete with, I'm such a terrible hyung for you all this time....I wish that I will have a chance to spend more time with you so I can understand about you more.. but that wish is kind of impossible right now, isn't it? I'm sorry...

And last but not least, please don't forget about me, it might sound selfish but I really hope the memory of me still has a tiny part in yours. Please visit me sometimes, because you know how I hate being lonely ^^ but it's just a stupid request anyway, don't bother about it so much, all I want is for you guys to be happy, so please be happy for me ok. So this is goodbye then.....I'm gonna miss all of you...

With so much love,

Yesung hyung


A/N : Please forgive me for killing Sungie..... T________T

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