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The Long Lost Brother Chapter 10

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter  10
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand


 “H-Hyung…” He whispered as he hadn’t found enough strength to speak his word clearly.

“Yesung ssi….? Can’t you recognize me? I’m Choi Siwon..” Eyes looking at him worrily as he assumed that the younger man had failed to recognize him.

“H-hyung….” Yesung called him again as his sluggish hand tried to remove the oxygen mask away from his mouth so he could deliver his words properly. Grabbing the small hand of the younger man, Siwon was trying to prevent him from doing something that might worsen his health condition.

“Leave it Yesung ssi, don’t panic ok…I’ll go get the doctor for you” Siwon said as he rushed out through the door thus failed to notice the smaller man’s muffled voice said “I’m Jongwoon hyung…”

Siwon quickly came back with the doctor as he was worried for Yesung being unable to recognize him earlier.

“You're awake Yesung ssi…. I’m going to check your pressure okay?" The doctor said while eyes looking down at him gently. Not having enough strength to argue yet, Yesung let the doctor checking and assessing his stats to make sure everything was alright but his gaze never left Siwon throughout the whole process.

“I think you’re not going to need the oxygen mask anymore Yesung ssi, you can breathe perfectly on your own now” The doctor removed it for him before turning around to face Siwon who was standing behind him at the side of the bed looking all worried.

"His blood pressure and other vital signs are good, so there’s nothing to worry about Siwon ssi” the doctor said.

“But why can’t he recognize me earlier doc?” Siwon asked as he shifting his gaze from Yesung to the doctor.

The doctor raised an eyebrow before turning around to ask Yesung “Yesung ssi do you remember what happened to you before you are being brought to the hospital?”

Yesung finally switched his gaze from Siwon to the doctor “Car accident…” He rasped.

“It’s good Yesung ssi, it means there’s nothing wrong with your memory” The doctor smiled

“So do you recognize this man beside me?” The doctor asked again

Returning his gaze back at Siwon, he tried to voice out his words clearly this time “Hyung”

Hearing the same exact words coming from the smaller man lips, Siwon was starting to feel scared that there was something seriously wrong with him “See doc, he doesn’t recognize me”

“Are you not his hyung?” The doctor asked Siwon

“I wish I am doc,but I’m not, I’m just his boss and he never called me hyung before” Siwon said with confused  and worried expression were obviously shown on his face.

“Yesung ssi… why did you call him that? Don’t you recognize him?” The doctor questioned him .

Yesung reached out and took the older man’s hand in his “Hyung……I’m Jongwoon..” He said as his eyes started to brim with tears.


Siwon just stood still, staring at the smaller man blankly, didn’t know how he was supposed to react to the words the younger man just said.

“Yesung ssi…why did you said that, you perfectly know that you’re not Jongwoon, you’re not my brother, you have your own birth parents” Siwon just couldn’t understand him, why suddenly he claimed himself as Jongwoon.

“He wants to be Jongwoon hyung…” Jonghyun came to join the conversation as he entered the room.

“Jonghyun-ah? Why did you get up from your bed and where’s Heechul hyung?” Siwon  asked the man who walked his way slowly toward him.

“I feel fine hyung… don’t worry, I let Heechul hyung returned to the office since I didn’t see any reason to keep him here, he got lots of works waiting for him. And I came to see how Yesung is doing because I was worried about him but I could see that he’s doing fine….even more than fine actually” Jonghyun scoffed

“Jonghyun-ah don’t say that… maybe Yesung is still in shocked after the accident, so he got a little bit disoriented but I’m sure he meant no harm” Siwon still tried to protect Yesung even though he himself couldn’t figured out the reason for the smaller man to say those words earlier.

Seeing Jonghyun had brought back all the previous memories about the only cousin that used to be closed with him when they were still a child, how he was a quiet boy and often got beaten by his own father, a lack of love child since the day his mother left him behind. And then the flash of the memories before the accident was being rewound in his mind.


“You are enjoying stealing everything away from me, aren't you?”

That painful expression when he said the word


"Because we are going to crash Yesung ssi...."

And the hopeless action that he did just to win everything back


“Jonghyun-ah..” Yesung said as his eyes looking at him gently.

“Don’t even try to call me like that Yesung ssi, we’re not that closed!” Jonghyun growled as his eyes were filled with hatred toward him.

“Jonghyun-ah… we haven’t gotten the chance to play that new game that mom bought for me, have we?  I wonder if hyung still kept it for me” Yesung remarked as he glanced at Siwon who was staring at him bewildered, eyes went wide, mouth agape and was completely frozen in shock.

“J-jong..w-woon?” Jonghyun stuttered and stared at him in disbelief.

“Yes Jonghyun-ah… I’m Jongwoon…” He stretched a genuine smile across his still pale face since he hasn’t fully recovered yet.

Siwon who didn’t even manage to say a single word took his few steps closer toward Yesung, sitting on the bedside and leaning over as he bring the smaller man up gently into his hug. Wrapping his arms around the smaller man while being careful enough not to hurt his still fragile body, Siwon kissed the top of his head and then rested his chin there.

“Jongwoon-ah… I miss you so damn much…….” Siwon’s voice quivered as he tried his best to stifle the tears that began to force their way out of his eyes.

Burying his head against his hyung’s strong protective chest and savoring the warm feeling that he remembered having when he was still a child had broken him down in tears “I miss you too hyung….” Yesung said amidst the sobs.

Noticing the racked body of the smaller man, Siwon just cuddled him closer and thinking how stupid he had been for not believing his own heart when it had recognized him as his dongsaeng since the first time he saw the younger man back at the audition room.

After a long moment of comforting hug and a shirt that had drenched in tears , Siwon finally released the smaller man and put him back onto bed gently, wiping the remaining tears away with his thumb while looking at him with loving eyes “I’m sorry for being such a bad hyung Jongwoon-ah, I should’ve been able to recognize you long before this, I’m so sorry….” Siwon said obviously out of guilt.

“It’s alright hyung, it was me who didn’t remember you in the first place” He said as he put a sheepish smile across his face “And even though you didn’t recognize me back then but I could feel your love for me hyung” He smiled brightly.

“Because I couldn’t help myself not to love you silly” Siwon let out a small laughter and ruffled the messy hair of his beloved dongsaeng.


“Ehmm” a clearing throat voice suddenly could be heard in the hospital room.

Being too occupied with each other, they just realized that the doctor was still in the room and was watching the whole drama scenes.

“I’m so sorry doc, I forgot that you’re still here” Siwon said while looking all so embarrassed.

“That’s allright… I understand how it feels Mr.Choi, I’m happy for you two” He offered a genuine smile

“Thank you doc” Siwon replied

“Since everything is alright then I have to excuse myself because I still have another patient to visit after this” Said the doctor .

Yesung’s eyes found Jonghyun standing not far away from his bed and looking like a statue, face filled with mixed emotions of fear, sad and surprised after finding out that Yesung is Jongwoon.

“Jonghyun-ah, come here….” Yesung called him softly.

Jonghyun turned his gaze down and murmured “Jongwoon-ah I’m sorry…” before turning around and dashed toward the door.

“Jonghyun-ah wait!” Yesung brought himself up to stop Jonghyun from leaving but having not enough strength to support his own body yet had made him almost fell out of the bed.

“Jongwoon-ah!” Siwon was quick to catch him and his shouting causing Jonghyun to pause on his steps. He turned around to see what happened and saw Siwon was holding Yesung in his arms and then helping him back onto the bed. Yesung let out a small whimper as the previous sudden movement had made him feel a twinge in his chest.

“Jonghyun-ah please don’t leave…. I want to talk to you….” Yesung said as he saw Jonghyun stop just few feet before the door.

“Jongwoon-ah… there’s nothing to talk about…I bet you hate me right? And I bet hyung will hate me too if he knows what have I done to you, so just please let me disappear from your life ok” Jonghyun tried his best to his keep his voice steady as the tears threatened to spill out from the corner of his eyes.

“Jonghyun-ah I don’t hate you, I understand how you feel… it’s ok really…I love you Jonghyun-ah” Yesung said with a genuine smile tugged on his face

“How could you forgive me Jongwoon-ah, I don’t deserve it, I almost got you killed.. I…” He didn’t finish his words because he could feel that tears have started to roll down on his cheek.

“I’m still alive and that’s what’s the matter Jonghyun-ah, let’s just forget about all the bad things that had happened in the past and begin with a new fresh start and I’m sure hyung will forgive you too, right hyung?” Yesung asked while tilting his head along with his bright puppy eyes.

Siwon exhaled “How could I say no to you Jongwoon-ah” He said even though he hasn’t quite understand what had happened between the two of them, but if it could make his dongsaeng happy then he would be more than willing to agree with it.

“Jonghyun-ah I don’t know what had happened but I could only hope that start from today the three of us could live together as a family, I love you too Jonghyun-ah” Siwon said with warm tone.

Jonghyun couldn’t believe what he just heard, how could they forgive him after what he had done, taking a few slow steps forward and then ended up running toward Yesung , Jonghyun hugged him tightly.

“Thank you Jongwoon-ah, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….” Jonghyun said amidst the sobs.

Yesung hugged him back and said “There’s nothing to forgive Jonghyun-ah, I’m just glad that I could find my memories back and I think I should thank you for that” Yesung chuckled

Jonghyun couldn’t help but let out a small laughter after hearing that words, releasing the hug, he looked at Yesung with his teary eyes and said “Jongwoon-ah…starting from now I won’t let anyone hurt you, not even hyung!”

“Yah-yah Jonghyun-ah, I will never hurt Jongwoon, why did you say that” Siwon pouted

“Hyung… you love Jongwoon, I know that, but sometimes you are too easy to be deceived, and I’m afraid that Jongwoon could be hurt by that” Jonghyun stuck his tounge out

“Yah-yah this kid”

Jonghyun chuckled and then switched his gaze back at Yesung “Jongwoon-ah, would you like to have a duet with me for the next SJ Town?” Jonghyun asked

Yesung just smiled at him and said “Of course Jonghyun-ah, I would love to”

“Not without my permission first, I’m still the boss of SJ Entertainment you guys” Siwon felt left out from the conversation and the two younger boys just laughed at him as the reply.


Yesung got back to his usual activities within a month after the accident and now they are preparing for the next SJ TOWN in LA.

“Siwon-ah, I could see that you got a competitor right now” Heechul chuckled

“I know what you mean hyung, Jonghyun manipulates Jongwoon now, I could barely have enough time to spend with him” Siwon sighed

“I’m so glad you finally found him Siwon-ah, have you met his parents yet?” Heechul asked

“Yes, I went with Jongwoon last week, although I’m still angry at them for keeping Jongwoon away from me for so long but I notice that they do love him very much hyung and so does Jongwoon, I won’t sue them or anything, I’m just grateful that I finally have Jongwoon back” Siwon smiled and Heechul just patted him on the shoulder, feeling proud that Siwon could made such a wise decision in his still young age.

Finally it’s the time for SJ Town in LA, Yesung and Jonghyun sang a duet song called “Sea of Love” and they hugged each other after the performance. Siwon could see how happy Yesung is, he practically smiled from ear to ear throughout the whole show. Siwon just felt so blessed that he could see that brightest smile again in his life. Facing up to the night sky, Siwon smiled at the stars above and said “Mom… Dad… please don’t worry… I promise… I will make sure that smile would never leave his beautiful face”.




A/N : Thank you for reading this fic and I’m sorry if the ending sucks big time :p

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