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The Long Lost Brother Chapter 7

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 7
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Yesung’s eyes slowly fluttered open, he blinked a few times adjusting his eyes to the light.
“Yesung hyung…you wake up already?” Hyukjae asked
He stared at Hyukjae for a moment “Hyukkie?”
“How are you feeling Yesung hyung?”
Yesung looked around, realizing that he wasn’t in his room “Am I in the hospital?” He tried to remember what was he doing last that could have ended him up in the hospital and then realization dawned on him “What happened? Did I faint Hyukkie-ah? Did I mess up the show?” Yesung brought himself up only to feel the sudden pain on his neck and waist.
“Yah yah Yesung hyung don’t force yourself up, you injured your neck and waist in that fall” Hyukjae pushed him back on to the bed gently.
“Yes you fainted hyung… and no you didn’t mess up the show, don’t worry about it ok” Hyukjae tried to calm him down
“I must’ve messed it up Hyukkie-ah, Mr.Choi is surely gonna be mad at me, why can’t I do something right for once, I’m such a failure” Yesung let out a heavy sigh.
“Don’t’ say like that Yesung hyung…. you had performed really well last night, you received a lot of praises from the audience, and about Mr.Choi, I don’t think that you have to worry about he’s getting angry at you” Hyukjae chuckled
“Why are you laughing Hyukkie-ah? Why shouldn’t I worry about Mr.Choi?” Yesung threw him a confused look
“Because you should’ve seen his face when he saw you fell from the stage Yesung hyung…, he was worried to death, he picked you up then practically yelled at the staffs to get him a car so he could bring you to the hospital” Hyukjae let another small laughter escaped his lips.
Yesung stared at him blankly while trying to digest Hyukjae’s words “It can’t be…he hates me…he should’ve been mad at me instead of worrying about me”
“I don’t believe you Hyukkie-ah, that’s not possible, Mr.Choi hates me, he didn’t even want to look at my face whenever we met accidently, he would never care about me like that” Yesung reasoned
“Yah Yesung hyung, I was telling you the truth, you may ask all the people who attended that show last night, they’re going to say the exact same thing, I think he really cares about you, he was the one who asked me to come here and replacing him to take care of you because he needed to go to the office this morning” Hyukjae said.
Yesung still hadn’t decided whether to believe Hyukjae or not when he saw the door was being opened. “I see you’re awake Yesung ssi” Siwon said as he took his steps into the room. Yesung just stared at the older man blankly “Did he come to scold me? What should I say? Yesung-ah you’re so dead” Yesung started to get panic.
“Good morning Mr.Choi” Hyukjae greeted him
“Morning Hyukjae ssi “ Siwon replied and then he switched his gaze to Yesung “How are you feeling Yesung ssi, anywhere hurt?”
“I-I am fine Mr.Choi” Yesung stuttered
“How could you be fine Yesung ssi…You fell from the stage and fainted!” Siwon raised his voice a little bit
“Mr.Choi, I think I have to get back first, I have an appointment to attend” Hyukjae said
“Alright Hyukjae ssi and thank you for your help” Siwon smiled. Actually Hyukjae didn’t have any appointment for that day, he just wanted to give them a chance to talk privately.

There were only two of them left in the room and Siwon helped Yesung to adjust the bed so he could sit up and then taking a seat next to it. He looked at Yesung straight in the eyes and said in a flat tone “So now tell me Yesung ssi.. how are you really feeling?”
“My neck and waist hurt a little bit but really…. that’s all Mr.Choi…” Yesung tried to convince him that he wasn’t injured badly.
“That’s good then Yesung ssi, but you see, that’s what you get when you’ve been a disobedient trainee for not obeying my order, didn’t I tell you before not to worn out your body by doing excessive training? Why didn’t you listen to me?!" Siwon acted like he was angry when he said it but actually he just wanted to tease Yesung a little bit.
“I-I’m so-sorry Mr.Choi, I know I was wrong, I should’ve listened to you and I screwed up, I messed up the show, I’m such a failure, I don’t deserve my debut, I “ Yesung kept on blaming himself before being cut by Siwon.
“Yah-yah Yesung ssi, that's not what I meant, you didn’t mess up the show, you’ve performed really well last night and even though you fainted in the middle of your performance, it didn’t affect the show much, so you don’t have to be worry about it ok?” Siwon didn’t expect Yesung to take it so seriously and thinking maybe it was a stupid idea to tease him in the first place.
“I'm really sorry Mr.Choi... I thought that I really have...." Yesung didn’t finish his words and quickly turned his head sideway because he could feel that his eyes started to brim with tears and he didn’t want Siwon to see it.
“Yesung ssi…are you ok?” Siwon said as he tilted his head to get a better look at Yesung’s face.
“I’m alright Mr.Choi” Yesung said as he blinked his eyes a few times to get rid of the tears.
Siwon held Yesung’face and turned the smaller man to look at him and he could see the tears in Yesung’s eyes. Using his thumbs, Siwon wiped the tears away and said “You’re such a crybaby Yesung ssi..why did you always cry whenever I scolded you, you're a big boy already, you shouldn't have cried that much" Siwon chuckled and messed up his hair. Yesung bowed his head, too embarrass to even look at him. Yesung knew he shouldn't have cried every time Siwon mad at him but he couldn't help it, the tears just came out of his eyes without him being in control. He's a tough person and rarely cried over anything but in front of Siwon, he turned into a completely different person, because every harsh word said by the older man could really hurt him and he just didn't understand why.
"I'm sorry Mr.Choi.... I promise I won't cry the next time you scold me" Yesung said while keeping his downcast eyes.
"Listen Yesung ssi.....scolding you means that I do care about you, you shouldn't have worn out your body like that, look what it did to you, you were considered lucky to only suffer minor injuries from that fall because it could've been worst. If you want to be an idol, you should know how to take care of yourself, because whenever you get hurt, your fans are gonna be worried sick about you. Do you understand what I'm saying Yesung ssi....?" Siwon was kind of lecturing him this time.
Yesung lifted his gaze, a serious expression on his face and said "I understand Mr.Choi and I promise you that from now on I'm going to take good care of myself and thank you for not mad at me and even care about me Mr.Choi.....that really means a lot to me"
Siwon looked at him with a smile tugged on his handsome face "That's good then Yesung ssi...and I hope you can keep your promise" Siwon patted his head lightly.

Yesung left the hospital after being treated for 2 days, Hyukjae came to pick him up.
"Hyung, you're a famous person now, the company received a lot of inquiries about you after the show was broadcasted last night.
"Really?! You're not joking aren't you Hyukkie-ah?" Yesung exclaimed
"Yah hyung, why you always did not trust me, have I ever lied to you?" Hyukjae complained
"Yes you did, you often said that you're more handsome than me" Yesung pouted
"Yah hyung but that was the truth... I am more handsome than you..." Hyukjae said while standing in a model pose.
"Ok tell me more about it Hyukkie-ah" Yesung looked at him with sparkling eyes
"Yah hyung I'm gonna tell you all about it on our way back to the dorm, but first we need to check you out from the hospital ok?"
Back at the dorm, people started to treat him nicely, some because they had acknowledged his talent and the others because they saw the way Siwon reacted when he fell from the stage, and they didn't think it was a good idea to feud with the boss's golden boy. For whatever reasons they've started to become friendly with him, Yesung just felt so glad that he could live in a peaceful dorm.
On the next day Heechul called him to discuss about his upcoming debut.
"How are you feeling Yesung-ah? And from now on you can call me hyung ok?" Heechul has dropped the ssi because he preferred to have a brother like relationship with his artist.
"I'm fine..hyung" Yesung still wasn't used to call him hyung and Heechul just smiled at him
"You received a lot of compliments for your performance Yesung-ah and now there're a lot of song writers who want to write a song for your first album, this is a good start for you" Heechul said
"Really hyung? I don't know what to say... I'm so happy" Yesung smiled and it was rare for Heechul to see him smile.
"You should smile a lot Yesung-ah, I'm sure it's gonna be one of your selling point beside your voice" Heechul chuckled
"Yah hyung don't flirt with him" Siwon said as he entered Heechul's office
"Oh Siwon-ah you're here, I wasn't flirting, I just helped Yesung to realize his selling point" Heechul chuckled
"Yesung-ah you may leave, I need to discuss something with Siwon" Heechul smiled
"Alright hyung, excused me then, excused me Mr.Choi" Yesung said before he left the room
"Did he just call you 'Hyung'?" Siwon asked Heechul to reconfirm whether he had heard Yesung right.
"Yes why, all my artists call me hyung, there's nothing special about it Siwon-ah" Heechul answered lazily but then it dawned on him "Don't tell're jealous because he calls me hyung Siwon-ah" Heechul teased him.
"Of course not! Why would I be? It's not like he's my dongsaeng or anything" Siwon refused to admit that he was jealous when he heard Yesung called Heechul with hyung.
"Yeah right" Heechul giggled

Finally the time has come for Yesung to make his debut, his first single was released as the soundtrack of the famous Korean drama. His single successfully reached the number one spot in various Music Charts. The song had received a lot of good reviews from everyone and Yesung also got a lot of praises for his soothing yet husky voice. It was a successful debut for him and he had become one of the best male singers in Korean music industry. Everyone seemed to be happy with the result except for Jonghyun. Siwon had shown how he did really care for Yesung, sometimes he even came to watch Yesung's perfomance on stage, when he rarely did it for another artist including Jonghyun. One of the fans even managed to record when Siwon shouted Yesung's name during his performance and then uploaded it to YouTube. Jonghyun was jealous, he hated Yesung very much, for him Yesung had managed to take two things that he loved the most in this world, Siwon and his title as the best male singer in his company.
"My life has been perfect before you came and ruined everything Kim Yesung.... I won't let you steal everything away from me.....accident does happen sometimes Yesung ssi..... and I guess could happen to you too..." Jonghyun sneered at his own thought

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