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The Long Lost Brother Chapter 6

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 6
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand


“You don’t have to be so harsh on him Siwon-ah, I thought you like that kid” said Heechul

“I do like him hyung, but this is for his own good, he has to learn to be responsible for his own action” said Siwon

“Are you sure that he really did it Siwon-ah? Are you sure Yesung was capable to do such a thing to Jonghyun?” Heechul questioned him and let Siwon wonder to himself, he didn’t know Yesung that well yet since he just met and talked with him couple of times, but somehow he could feel that Yesung was a good person and after rethinking about it he didn’t think that Yesung could do such a terrible thing to his cousin. But for Jonghyun to threw himself just to frame Yesung didn’t make sense either, Jonghyun had nothing against that kid, like Jonghyun said  before that Yesung reminded him of Jongwoon, why would Jonghyun want to hurt Yesung then? Siwon was in dilemma who should he trust right now.

“I know this is hard for you to choose who should you trust Siwon-ah, I don’t know who to believe either, but since Jonghyun only suffered a sprained ankle, I don’t think we should exaggerate this matter, they’re both young, and young people were less able to control their emotion, maybe they were just having a fight and then ended up Yesung accidentally pushed him down the stairs or Jonghyun slipped and then fell by himself, anyway we didn’t really know because we wasn’t there.” said Heechul.

“I guess you’re right hyung… “ Siwon sighed

“So let ‘s just forget about it ok? And anyway you’ve scolded him right, I could see that he really took it hard since he cried like someone has accused him of killing someone” Heechul chuckled

“Really? Did he cry like that Hyung?” The guilty feeling suddenly washed over him, he shouldn’t have scolded him like that, but he did it because he cared about him so much. He didn’t want Yesung behaving badly just because he got influenced by the rigors of competition in the entertainment world. But maybe he should’ve tried to listen to Yesung’s explanation first because it was probably just some misunderstanding between Yesung and Jonghyun.

“Yeah I think he hates you now” Heechul’s teasing voice made him snap out his revery.

“Yah hyung, I didn’t mean to do that…  what should I do know.. haiz” Siwon ran his fingers through his hair.

“You should stay away from him Siwon-ah” Heechul said in serious tone

“Yah hyung, you’re not helping me here, why should I stay away from him” Siwon looked at him in disbelief

“It for his sake Siwon-ah, I’m sure the story about him pushing Jonghyun down the stair has spread among the trainees and artists in this company, people are going to start to despise him for that and if you stay around him showing that you care about him more than the others would only add fuel to the fire, just let Yesung prove himself that he deserves to earn his debut” said Heechul

“You’re right hyung, maybe it would be best if I just stay away from him for a while at least until he manages to make his debut, although it will be hard for me to do since I’ve started to see him as Jongwoon” Siwon smiled bitterly.


The SJ entertainment was going to have its trial stage for their trainees, it was held to promote them to the community since they’re going to collaborate with the already established idols of SJ Entertainment and this event would be covered by one of the tv station. Yesung received even worst treatment from the people in the company after his incident with Jonghyun, they started to detest him and looking at him like he was a despicable person and Heechul was aware of it.


“I know there has been rumor going on about one of the trainee here, but now I ask all of you to just concentrate to prepare yourselves for this event rather than messing with thing that’s not important. I want all of you to cooperate with each other and no one is allowed to ostracize any of the trainees here, if anyone of you dare to disobey my orders, you are welcome to leave this company because tons of people are queuing to join this company” Heechul said in a cold tone. Siwon was indeed the President Director of the company but most of people in the company were more afraid of Heechul instead, since he was kind of scary when he’s mad.

Heechul prepared Yesung to sing in a trio with the other trainees, Kyuhyun and Ryewook and lucky for Yesung these two trainees were nice person since he still treated him good.  And since Jonghyun couldn’t join the event due to his sprained ankle, Heechul also asked Yesung to replace Jonghyun’s place to perform in his group.

“Heechul ssi may I have a word with you?” Yesung came looking for him

“Yes sure, what’s the matter Yesung ssi?”

“Could you find someone else to replace Jonghyun sunbae, because I don’t think I am qualified to do it” said Yesung

“If you aren’t qualified then I don’t know who else is Yesung ssi, you’re the best singer that we got so far” Heechul frowned

“Could you just do me a favor Heechul ssi, I just don’t want to create another conflict within this company” Yesung said with pleaded eyes

“Yesung ssi, I know you’re going through some tough times right now, but this is your opportunity to show your capability to others and if you manage to nail it in front of the large audience, then the people of this company will be bound to accept that you really deserve your debut” Heechul reasoned.

“But.. I don’t think…”

“Don’t think and just do it Yesung ssi, you want people to recognize your talent right? This is the opportunity for you to get it, just take it ok” Heechul said as he tapped his shoulder lightly.

Yesung went silent for a moment before he made his reply “Alright Heechul ssi, I would try to give my best for this event” Yesung just couldn’t find another excuse to say no to Heechul

“That’s the spirit Yesung ssi and I’m sure you can do it” Heechul smiled


Siwon was deliberately tried to avoid Yesung and even if they met accidently, Siwon would pretend not to see him and just walked away. Yesung thought that Siwon was still mad at him and it stressed him out. “Is he still mad at me? Does he still not believe me and blame me for what has happened to Jonghyun Sunbae?” those questions were always weighing on his mind. Despite the bad treatment that he received from other trainees and artists in the company, Yesung worked his ass off to be able to deliver a good performance for the next trial stage. He trained until late at night for the dance moves on Jonghyun’s part, which was hard for him to master it.  The heavy training and Siwon’s cold behavior toward him just built up a lot of stress within him, Yesung hardly slept for the past few days. Finally the big day had arrived, Yesung was preparing to go on stage when Hyukjae came and asking him “Yesung hyung… are you alright? You look really pale”

“I’m alright Hyukkie-ah, It’s just a lack of sleep that’s all, don’t worry about me ok” Yesung put up a smile for him. Yesung performed a ballad song with the trio, their voices blended so well together and Yesung’s wonderful adlibs managed to wow the whole audience.

“Nice performance Yesung hyung” Kyuhyun said with a smile tugged on his face when they were already at the backstage.

“Thank you Kyu-ah” Yesung smiled back

“I think you deserve the debut hyung, you sounded great” Wookie said

“Thank you Wookie-ah, I think I prefer to debut as trio rather than a soloist” Yesung put up a genuine smile on his face.

Siwon sat at the front row of the audience and his eyes never left Yesung trough out his performance “You had performed really well Yesung ssi… I’m so proud of you”. Jonghyun who sat beside him was aware that Siwon only paid attention to Yesung when the trio performed their song on the stage and it just made him hate Yesung even more “I thought I’ve succeeded in making hyung hate him, I was wrong….hyung still cares so much about him”.  And after the other several performances, finally it was time for Jonghyun’s group to make their appearance. Jonghyun was aware that it was Yesung who was going to replace him as the lead singer in his group, he didn’t like it but he couldn’t do anything to prevent it since he was afraid that it would draw suspicion from Siwon if he tried to go against it. Yesung was feeling lightheaded before the performance but he chose to ignore it, during the group performance he had to dance and his vision was starting to get blurry, he tried his best to stay focus but it was useless, everything around him began to tip and swirl. Siwon saw that Yesung moved awkwardly and he could sense there was something wrong with him. He got up from his sit and was about to walk toward the backstage when he saw Yesung lost his balance and  fell down from the 1.5meters high stage.  Siwon eyes went wide and immediately ran toward him.

He eased the smaller figured on to his lap gently “Yesung ssi..are you alright? Are you hurt?” He tapped Yesung’s cheek lightly trying to get the smaller man to awake.

Yesung opened his eyes to a mere slit and looking disoriented “I-It’s h-hhurt” He trailed off before totally lost his consciousness. Siwon began to panic, he quickly picked the smaller man up and then rushed him to the hospital.


Siwon was getting restless while waiting outside the emergency room” What took them so long, why there’s no one come out from there and tell me how he’s doing now!”  

“Siwon-ah, please have a sit ok, you’re driving me crazy by walking back and forth like that” Heechul said

“Hyung…what took them so long huh?! This is driving me crazy..” Siwon rubbed his hands on his face

Half an hour later a doctor came out from the ER and both of them were fast on their heels, charging toward the doctor and starting to ask questions.

“He’s alright….Yesung ssi suffered injuries to his neck and waist but nothing life threatening, so there’s nothing to worry about” The doctor smiled

“But why did he faint back then doc?” Siwon asked

“He collapsed due to exhaustion, did he get enough sleep lately?” The doctor asked

Siwon cursed to himself “That boy must’ve overtrained himself again, I’ve told him to take good care of himself, why didn’t he listen to me!”

“I will make sure that he will get enough rest later on doc, but could we see him now?” asked Siwon

“Yes sure, he has been move the recovery room, but he’s asleep now, you probably have to wait until he wakes up to be able to talk to him” said the doctor

“It’s alright doc, thank you” Siwon replied

Heechul had gone back to the tv station because he still had to supervise the rest of event. Siwon made his steps into the room and saw Yesung was sleeping soundlessly on his bed. Sitting on the chair beside the bed, Siwon watched his sleeping face closely “You are really a naughty boy, aren’t you Yesung ssi, taking revenge on me by making yourself like this. Did you know that you almost gave me a heart attack back there?” Siwon stroke his hair lightly.

“Sleeptight Yesung ssi…and when you wake up you’re going to hear a very long speech from me” Siwon leaned over and kissed him on his forehead.

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