July 11th, 2011


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 9

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 9
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Siwon didn't even remember how he got into the hospital, his mind went blank by the time he received the news about Jonghyun and Yesung were involved in a car accident. He ran frantically along the hallway heading toward the emergency room with Heechul by his side.
"Siwon-ah, you can't go in there!" Heechul grabbed his hand, preventing him to barge into the emergency room
"Hyung I need to go in there! I need to see if they're alright!" Siwon said loudly in frustration as he tried to free himself from Heechul .
"Calm down Siwon-ah! I know you're worried about them, but there's nothing you can do right now, let the doctors do their job, ok...?" Heechul looked at Siwon's eyes trying to find out if he managed to calm him down and when he saw that the younger man had calmed down a little bit, Heechul guided him to sit on one of the chairs in the waiting room. Siwon just sit still and stayed in silence for a while and Heechul just patted his shoulder trying to comfort him.
"I'm scared hyung....." Siwon's voice quivered, he felt like the incident 10 years ago repeat itself.
"I know Siwon-ah, but let's just hope that they will be safe ok? maybe they weren't hurt that bad" Heechul said as he tried to lighten up the heavy atmosphere that both of them could feel right now.
"I can't lose them hyung, I can't lose him... not again..." Siwon finally broke down in tears.
Heechul was aware that Siwon had unconsciously considered Yesung as Jongwoon and facing this kind of situation was surely devastating for him. Heechul knew, nothing that he could say to ease the pain and fear that Siwon probably felt right now, wrapping his arms around the younger man, Heechul could only wish that it might offer him some comfort.

Minutes passed, hour passed, Siwon was getting restless, he started to lose his patience, he got up from his seat and walked toward the door of the ER, Heechul let out a heavy sigh as he also got up from his seat to go after the younger man.
"Siwon-ah... please get back to your seat ok" Heechul said
"Don't worry hyung... I won't do anything stupid, I just need to move around because this waiting is killing me" Siwon sighed. Almost 15 minutes later, the doctor came out of the room and found himself being bombarded with dozens of questions from Siwon.
"Please calm down Sir, sorry to keep you waiting" The doctor offered a sincere apology.
"Jonghyun ssi suffered a mild concussion and based on his own request he had undergone a plastic surgery to repair the deep gash on his forehead" The doctor explained.
"What about Yesung?" Siwon was glad to know that Jonghyun wasn't badly hurt in that accident, but he couldn't deny that it was Yesung that he worried most about.
"The collision has caused severe damage to Yesung ssi's internal organs, it took us a while to make him stabilized before we could carry out the surgery needed to deal with his internal injuries. And although the surgery was a success, he still needs to be closely monitored since there's still possibility of further complications, but if everything goes smoothly, he will be able to heal in time".
Siwon felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his chest, he finally could breath a little easier, even though Yesung wasn't completely out of the woods yet but at least the probability of him would recover was high.
"Can we see them?" Heechul asked
"Sure, please follow me, they have been moved to the recovery room" The doctor leaded the way.

Siwon visited Jonghyun before he visited Yesung, he was still unconscious after underwent a plastic surgery.
"Hyung... I think I would stay with Yesung for tonight since he still needs to be monitored closely, but I don't want Jonghyun to be alone when he wakes up, could you stay with him for tonight?" Siwon asked Heechul
"No problem Siwon-ah, just leave Jonghyun to me" Heechul smiled as he knew that Siwon actually wanted to be beside Yesung and only used the fact that Yesung needed to be monitored closely as an excuse to ask him to accompany Jonghyun for the night.
Siwon entered the room as his eyes wandered to find the person that had caused him to lose half of his age for worrying about his condition since the first time he found out about the accident. Yesung was lying still on the bed, an oxygen mask was covering almost half of his face. As he walked closer, Siwon could notice how pale the smaller man was, cuts and bruises was clearly apparent against his milky white skin, on his face, on his hand. Looking at the slow movement of his chest heaving up and down as he was breathing with the help of the oxygen mask, Siwon couldn't help but to feel grateful that Yesung was indeed still alive. Siwon sat down on the chair beside the bed, taking the younger man's cold and limp small hand in one of his while the other hand stroke Yesung's messy hair lightly.
"Thank you for staying alive Yesung ssi, thank you for not leaving me" Siwon said as he pressed his lips against the small hand and tears slowly rolling down on his cheeks.
"How many times do you want to test the strength of my heart Yesung ssi..., if you keep on doing this maybe I would be the one who is gonna leave you first" Siwon chuckled between the sobs.
"I really thought that I was gonna lose you for sure back then since faith tends to be cruel to me" Siwon smiled bitterly
"I know you're not Jongwoon... but my heart tells me different, since it loves you like the way I used to love Jongwoon and I don't even know why Yesung ssi...."

On the next morning Siwon went to Jonghyun's room since Heechul told him that he woke up already.
"How are you feeling Jonghyun-ah, anywhere hurt?" He asked gently
"My head hurts a bit hyung and my scar still feels burning" Jonghyun replied
"I'm really glad that you weren't hurt badly in that accident Jonghyun-ah" Siwon smiled as he ruffled his hair.
"Thank you hyung..." Jonghyun said with downcast eyes
"Thank you for what Jonghyun-ah?" Siwon asked
"Thank you for still care about me" Jonghyun replied as the sobs started, racking his body as he tried to control them but failed
"Yah yah Jonghyun-ah, why are you crying?" Siwon got up from the chair to sat on the side of the bed and pulling him into his hug.
"Of course I still care about you Jonghyun-ah, you are my only cousin and I've considered you as my own dongsaeng" Siwon tried to calm him down
"But I feel you're drifting away from me since Yesung came into your life hyung....." Jonghyun said.
Siwon broke the hug, Jonghyun's words had made him realize that maybe he did pay less attention to him since Yesung existed in his life, and he felt guilty for it, but he couldn't fool himself and Jonghyun by saying that he didn't care more about Yesung than Jonghyun. Siwon lifted Jonghyun's head so their eyes could meet "Jonghyun-ah... having Yesung in my life that doesn't meant that I care less about you, but I have to admit it that Yesung has brought back the feeling that I used to have for Jongwoon" Siwon just couldn't lie to Jonghyun, even though he knew that this might hurt him but he could only hope that Jonghyun would understand his feeling.
"I know this doesn't make sense at all, Yesung isn't Jongwoon.... but I can't control the feeling that I have for him Jonghyun-ah" Siwon let out a heavy sigh.
"I love you and I loved Jongwoon since we're still a child, even I had Jongwoon back then, that didn't mean that i didn't love you Jonghyun-ah, but it was just different kind of love" Siwon tried to explain his point of view.
"I understand hyung.... and please forgive me for being so selfish" Jonghyun said
"I'm really glad you could understand me Jonghyun-ah" Siwon smiled as he felt relief that he finally could make Jonghyun comprehend his thought.
"But he's not Jongwoon hyung.... and I couldn't accept a stranger just came and took his place when I've tried hard to fill it for him for the past 10 years"

Siwon went back to Yesung's room only to find that the smaller man still sleeping soundlessly on his bed, but Siwon was calm since the doctor said that he had nothing to worry about because Yesung's stats showed that he didn't develop any complication after the surgery.
"When are you going to wake up sleepy head... It's almost noon already" Siwon laid a kiss on his forehead.
That light touch had cause Yesung's eyes to slowly flutter open, he squinted as the room's bright light searing his vision.
"Yesung ssi you're awake?" Siwon's voice calling him out of the darkness into the field of consciousness.
Yesung's vision slowly started to get more focus as he saw the man who smiled brightly at him.
"H-Hyung......" He whispered