July 10th, 2011


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 8

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 8
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Yesung was playing with his iPhone as he walked toward the training room, paying less attention to his surrounding has cost him to bump into someone.
"Ah sorry" the words automatically slipped from his mouth as he lifted his gaze to see who the person he bumped into.
"Yah watch where you're going!" Jonghyun glared at him
"I'm sorry Jonghyun sunbae, I didn't see you, I'm so sorry ok" Yesung cursed himself, he shouldn't have occupied himself with his iPhone while walking.
"Feeling superior now, don't you Yesung ssi....for having a blast debut and the extra attention from the owner of the company, what a life you got there" Jonghyun said with sarcastic tone
"I'm sorry that I bumped you Jonghyun sunbae... but why suddenly you said something like that, I just feel glad that I didn't let the company down and I appreciate Mr.Choi's attention for me, but that doesn't make feel superior or anything, I'm just happy that he cares about me" Yesung said genuinely.
"Stop acting like you're some innocence boy Yesung ssi, I'm sure you must be really proud right now huh? Being crowned as the best male singer in this company and treated like a dongsaeng by Siwon hyung, you are enjoying stealing everything away from me, aren't you?!" Jonghyun looked at him with eyes that were filled with anger and pain.
"I'm sorry if you feel that way Jonghyun sunbae, but really I have no intention to steal anything from you, can we just be friends...please?" Yesung couldn't shake the guilty feeling that started to built within him, he didn't realize that he had caused someone to feel like losing his everything.
"Friends?" Jonghyun scoffed, clearly not interested "You are the last person in this world who I would consider to be a friend Yesung ssi....and please enjoy your glorious moments while you still can.... because I promise you, I would take them all back, soon.." Jonghyun showed his evilish grin as he walked away.

One of the tv station was having a new music variety show, both Jonghyun and Yesung were invited to join it. The show allowed the Korean idol singers to compete against each other in singing legendary songs. Jonghyun was more than eager to win this competition while Yesung on the other hand was under a lot of stress due to he was afraid that he would not be able to give a good performance and embarrassed the company. Yesung sang before Jonghyun and he chose to sing the song that got him to join the SJ Entertainment, and he managed to deliver the song very well, his explosive high notes received praises from the original singer. Jonghyun was the last one to sing and being immensely needed to win, he choice a song that was kind of hard for him to sing and made him sounded like he strained his voice while singing it. Yesung managed to win the competition and felt really happy about it while Jonghyun had to accept the fact the he had lost to Yesung in front of national television. The wrath that he felt for Yesung just kept on growing and made him could no longer withstand his frenzy to get rid of Yesung for good. He came to approach Yesung at the backstage and smiled at him "Congratulation Yesung ssi, you deserve to win" he said as held out his hand. Yesung couldn't believe it " Jonghyun sunbae came to congratulate me? Is this for real?". Despite still being in shocked, Yesung managed to shake his hand and said "Thank you Jonghyun sunbae, this means a lot to me".
"You don't have to say that Yesung ssi... and I'm sorry for being such an ass before, I have to admit that you're a better singer than me" He stretched a fake smile across his face.
"No it's not Jonghyun sunbae, I still have alot to learn from you, I was just being lucky today" Yesung said
"So does the offer still stand?" Jonghyun asked
"What offer Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung said with confused look
"Your offer for us to be friends of course" Jonghyun chuckled
"Yeah sure Jonghyun sunbae, do you really want to be friends with me?" Yesung exclaimed
"I am Yesung ssi, if you're still interested of course" Jonghyun said
"Of course I am!, thank you so much Jonghyun sunbae" Yesung unconsciously hugged him because he felt so excited and Jonghyun facial muscles bunched up in disgust.
But then Yesung broke the hug quickly "Ah I'm sorry Jonghyun sunbae, I just felt too excited that you finally wanna be friend with me" Yesung smiled shyly.
"It's ok Yesung ssi.... so are you free tomorrow? I wonder if you want to join me for some shopping, I need to buy some new clothes" Jonghyun asked
"I would love to go with you tomorrow Jonghyun sunbae, thank you for the invitation" Yesung smiled brightly.
"Alright then I'll pick you up tomorrow morning" Jonghyun replied with a smile tugged on his face.

As he promised before, Jonghyun came to pick up Yesung at his dorm in the next morning.
"Morning Jonghyun sunbae" Yesung greeted him as he get in the car.
"Morning Yesung ssi" Jonghyun replied
Yesung tried to buckle up but the safety belt seemed to be stuck.
"Ah I'm sorry Yesung ssi, I forgot to repair it" Jonghyun sighed
"That's ok Jonghyun sunbae, it's not like we're going to have a race or something" Yesung chuckled.
"So where are we going now Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung asked as the car had started to roll on the road.
"I have no idea yet Yesung ssi, maybe Gangnam" He replied
They were in the toll road when Jonghyun started to drive the car at high speed.
"Jonghyun sunbae please drive slower, speeding like this is dangerous" Yesung tried to warn him.
"Is that so Yesung ssi...?" Jonghyun smirked
"Yes it is.. Jonghyun sunbae, so please reduce the speed ok" Yesung said
"Do you know what will happen if a car crashes and the passenger not wearing a safety belt Yesung ssi" Jonghyun asked with a cold tone.
"Why did you ask me that Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung threw him a confused look
"Because we are going to crash Yesung ssi...." Jonghyun grinned as he drove the car toward the guard rail.
"Yah Jonghyun sunbae, are you crazy?!!!" Yesung tried to turned the wheel and both ended up fighting over the steering wheel. Instead of ramming to the guardrail the car spun out of control before hitting another car on the driver's side.

Yesung opened his eyes slowly, he could taste the blood in his mouth and there was pain coursing through his body. But somehow he could see a movie being played right in front of his eyes.

"Jongwoon-ah do you see this necklace? Mom made two of them, this one is for you"

"Look at the initials on the pendant Jongwoon-ah, SW & JW, they represent our names. It's for reminding us that we always have to be together because we're brothers"

"I want you to remember this Jongwoon-ah, there's no one in this world than I could love more than you, because you're the one and only dongsaeng that I have, I love Jonghyun too Jongwoon-ah, but my love for him would never ever surpass my love for you, do you understand me?"

"I know hyung.... And I love you the most too"

"Yah are you guys alright?!!" Yesung snapped out of his revery, he could hear someone shouted from outside the car and practically banging on the car windows. Yesung tried to move his body from the awkward position he found himself in only to feel a sharp pain in his chest and let a groan of pain escaped from his lips. His eyes met Jonghyun who sat motionlessly beside him, he could see a visible gash on his forehead.
"J-Jonghyun-ah.... wake up...." Yesung's voice came out as a whisper only.
"Open the door so we could help you!" Someone shouted
Yesung lifted his hand slowly as every move is excruciating for him, he finally managed to unlock the door. The door was opened from outside, Yesung could feel his body being lifted out of the car, as his consciousness started to drift away, Yesung still found the strength to say "Please help my cousin first..."