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The Long Lost Brother Chapter 5

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 5
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Resting his head on Siwon chest, listening to his heartbeat, feeling the warm of the older man's body had somewhat made Yesung feel so comfort and safe and as if he could stay in that embrace forever, he would. Siwon loosened the hug when he sensed the smaller figure had started to calm down.
"Are you alright? Feeling better now Yesung ssi?" Siwon asked as he watched Yesung's face closely.
Yesung just nodded since he felt so embarrassed about crying in front of Siwon after having a nightmare.
"That must've been a terrible nightmare for causing you to react like this Yesung ssi" Siwon said as he smiled and stroked Yesung's hair gently.
"It has been a long time since the last the time i had this kind of nightmare Mr.Choi, I used to have it when I was kid but it has stopped for the last few years, I don't know why it came back again" Yesung sighed
"Maybe it's because you're too tired Yesung ssi, why did you over train yourself huh? It's bad for your health" Siwon said
"It's because I need to improve my dancing Mr.Choi, I just really sucks at it" Yesung said with a sullen face.
"Don't bother about it too much Yesung ssi, you're going to debut as a ballad singer, you're not going to dance while you're singing" Siwon chuckled
"But people said that a good singer has to be able to sing any kind of song, including hip hop, I can sing it but I just can't dance to it, arrrghh why is my body couldn't move like Hyukjae, I tried to dance like him but it came out weird, Hyukjae said I dance like an octopus" Yesung started to forget that he was talking to his boss and he just pouted after saying that.
Siwon stared at him silently "Even he talks and pouts like Jongwoon, why do you have to remind me so much of him Yesung ssi"
"You can learn it later on Yesung ssi because for now I need you to concentrate on your singing and please don't wore your body out, I need you to be fit when you're having your debut, do you understand me?" Siwon said with serious expression on his face.
"I understand Mr.Choi.... and I'm sorry....." Yesung said with downcast gaze.
"You don't have to say sorry Yesung ssi, I wasn't blaming you, I was just worried about your health, and now please get back to your dorm and have a rest ok" Siwon patted his head lightly as he brought himself up and then offered his hand to help Yesung stand up.
Yesung dumbfounded at first but then he took his hand and excusing himself before heading back to his dorm.
Siwon eyes followed as Yesung walked away from his sight "I know the gossip must've put a heavy pressure on you Yesung ssi, please be strong ok..."

It was the next day when Yesung found himself being called by Minho
"Yesung ssi right? " Minho asked him
"Ah yes.... What can I do for you Minho ssi?" Yesung answered.
"Jonghyun hyung wants to talk to you, could you come with me for a while?" Minho asked him
"Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung found it weird but he went with him anyway since it wouldn't be polite if he refused the invitation.
He was brought to the building's emergency stairs, Jonghyun was already there waiting for him. Jonghyun told Minho to wait outside the door because he needed to talk alone with Yesung.
"Hi Yesung ssi" Jonghyun said as he put a smile on his face
"Minho ssi said that you want to talk to me, may I know what this is about Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung asked him politely.
"I want you to leave this company Yesung ssi, your presence has created gossip and jealousy among the trainees and this is not good for the company. I hate to say this but it's for the sake of the company and I hope you can understand" Jonghyun said coldly.
Yesung was stunned after hearing what Jonghyun just said, he took a deep breath before answering him "I'm fully aware about the current situation Jonghyun sunbae, but I would try my best to prove that they were wrong, please give me a chance to do it, it has been my dream since a child to be a singer and it's hard for me to let it go without a fight, please understand Jonghyun sunbae" Yesung tried his best to sound steady.
"Did you mean that you refused to leave this company Yesung ssi?" Jonghyun started to raise his voice
"Please understand Jonghyun sunbae, I didn't mean to go against you, please give me a chance to prove myself" Yesung pleaded
"Then you left me no choice Yesung ssi... " Jonghyun said before throwing himself down the stairs which left Yesung stunned, not knowing what he was supposed to do.
Jonghyun's scream when he fell down the stairs had made Minho barge in to the emergency stairs "Jonghyun hyung!!!! " Minho shouted when he saw Jonghyun lying at the end of the stairs below and immediately went to approach him and check on his condition, Jonghyun was still conscious but pain was written all over his face.
"What the hell were you thinking Yesung ssi?!! How could you push him like that!!" Minho yelled at him
"B-But I didn't push him, he.."
"Arrghhhhh" Jonghyun suddenly cried out.
"Jonghyun hyung, what's wrong?!" Minho asked him in panic tone
"I-I think I broke my leg" Jonghyun flinched
"We better get you to the hospital Jonghyun hyung"

"Jonghyun-ah are you alright?!" Siwon asked as soon as he entered his room in the hospital.
"I'm fine hyung... It's just a sprained ankle... Nothing to worry about" He stretched a smile across his face.
"But how did you fall from the stairs? Did you slip?" Siwon asked him
"He was being pushed Mr.Choi" Minho blurted out
"What do you mean by that, who pushed him?!" Siwon threw him an angry look
"Minho-ah it was an accident, I'm sure he didn't mean to do that" Jonghyun said as if he tried to protect the one who did it to him.
"But hyung, he still pushed you and he needs to be punished for that" Minho growled
"Tell me who did this Minho-ah!" Siwon said through his clenched teeth. Jonghyun had been like his own dongsaeng and for the past 10 years he was the closest person to Siwon. Jonghyun was always there to support him when he was going through a tough time after the terrible accident and knowing someone tried to hurt him had seethed his anger.
"It was Yesung ssi who did it" Minho said
Siwon looked at him in disbelief "It can't be, why did he do it?"
"It's my fault hyung... I asked him to meet me because I wanted to talk regarding the recent gossip about his debut. I thought he must've been depressed so I just wanted to say that he didn't have to bother about it too much because like you said hyung, the quality will speak for itself. But maybe I shouldn't have done it because he then accused me of being jealous that hyung would care about him more and worried that his career will outshine mine. I admit that I snapped when he talked like that hyung, we were having an argument when he suddenly pushed me down the stairs, I guessed he was getting too emotional so he unconsciously did it" Jonghyun sighed and pretended not blaming Yesung for what had happened to him.
"But why did you take him to the emergency stairs Jonghyun-ah, you could've asked him to meet you at another place that's more comfortable for having a talk. Siwon sensed there was something wrong about his story.
"I didn't want to trouble him more hyung, if others saw me talking to him, they would think that he uses his face to get closed to me too, that's why I met him there, but like I said hyung... It wasn't his fault, maybe he misunderstood me"
Jonghyun sighed
"But hyung! Even though he did misunderstand about your words, it was still not a right thing to do, pushing someone down the stairs like that, you were lucky that you only got a sprained ankle, it could've been worst hyung" Minho said
Jonghyun could sense that Siwon still doubted whether to believe his story or not "Hyung...I'm sorry.... I knew I was wrong, I shouldn't have interfered and just mind my own business but I couldn't help myself not to care about him hyung, he really looks like Jongwoon" Jonghyun said with doleful face.
"Well he's obviously not your cousin hyung, I don't think your cousin would've never done something that evil to you, I guess he was just being big headed after receiving a special treatment from the company" Minho said in sarcastic tone.
"Don't say like that Minho-ah, I don't think that he's that bad" Jonghyun said
"I will deal with this matter Jonghyun-ah, please take care of yourself ok" Siwon said as he walked out of the room.

Siwon asked Yesung to meet him as soon as he had reached his office.
"I guess you already knew what's the reason for me to call you here Yesung ssi" Siwon said in cold tone
"I-is this about Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung stuttered
"Why did you do it Yesung ssi?" Siwon casted him a cold gaze.
"I didn't do it Mr.Choi, Jonghyun sunbae purposely threw himself down the stairs" Yesung said in panic tone
"Did you know how ridiculous you sounded just now Yesung ssi, you accused Jonghyun deliberately try to hurt himself by throwing himself down the stairs, did you really think that I am going to believe that?! I'm not that stupid Yesung ssi!" Siwon started to raised his voice
"B-But I was telling you the truth Mr.Choi.... Jonghyun sunbae.."
"That's enough Yesung ssi!! Why can't you just admit that you did it and then apologize for it huh?! I was hoping that you would regret it and I was ready to forgive you but you've disappointed me by keep on denying it!" The room suddenly filled with tension.
"I'm not going to admit it because I didn't do it!" Yesung didn't realize the he had raised his voice and he wasn't even aware that tears had slowly trailed down on his cheeks.
"What's going on here?" Heechul just came in the right time to ease the tension between them.
"Just asked him hyung.. I don't know what more do I have to say to make him realize his mistake and apologize for it" Siwon let out a heavy sigh and turned his gaze to Heechul because he couldn't bear to see the tears on Yesung's eyes, it made him just want hug the smaller figure and tell him that he didn't even give a damn what he had done to Jonghyun. But Siwon knew best that he had to be strict with Yesung, it's for his own good, he wanted Yesung to become a responsible person who dares to admit his mistake and apologize for it.
"Yesung ssi... could you leave us alone, I need to talk with Siwon privately" Heechul said in neutral tone. Yesung just gave him a nod and wiped his tears on his way out. It hurts... It hurts so much...why didn't you believe me Mr.Choi...

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