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The Long Lost Brother Chapter 4

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 4
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand ^^

"I want to manage that kid" Heechul said casually when they were discussing about the trainees in Siwon's office.
"What kid hyung?" Siwon asked because they were dozens of photos of the new trainees and the ones who will be prepared to have their debut soon.
"That kid" Heechul pointed at Yesung's photo with a sly grin on his face.
"Kim Yesung?" Siwon threw him a confused look "What do you up to hyung, he's still a new trainee, he has to run through some trainings before he will be ready for his debut and more over he can't dance, you always say that the one who can't dance would never go big in the entertainment industry".
Heechul let out a small chuckle when he saw the quizzical expression on Siwon's face "Yah Siwon-ah, about his dancing skill I can force him to join an intensive training to make up for his lack of capability in moving his body, what more important is I really love his voice and his pretty face of course. And beside he's already 20 years old Siwon-ah, I don't think we should waste anymore time in some unnecessary trainings because for me he is more than ready to start his debut, he just needs a little polishing"
"Is that the real reason for taking him as one of your artist hyung?" Siwon still didn't believe him since Heechul was usually very picky in choosing the new talent that he wanted to manage, and the ones who were lucky enough to be chosen by him usually ended up as a successful idol, Heechul just had an eye in assessing this kind of thing.
"What else Siwon-ah? Or maybe you're suspecting me having a crush on him him, aren't you? Don't worry Siwon-ah, I won't fall for someone who's not prettier than me" Heechul chortled.
"I'm glad to hear that hyung, I was worried that you're going to ruin his innocence" Siwon said unconsciously
"And may I know why do you care so much about him Siwon-ah? you know, I saw the way you looked at him back in the audition room, your eyes were filled with admiration toward that boy, do you like him Siwon-ah? I always thought you're a straight one but I guess I'm wrong" Heechul mocked him
"It's not like you think Hyung!" Siwon was flustered upon hearing Heechul's accusation.
"What is it then?" Heechul teased him
Siwon couldn't deny that by looking at Yesung has reminded him a lot of Jongwoon and it triggered his protective instinct toward him.
"He reminds me of Jongwoon hyung....his singing....his face...his smile..." Siwon looked at him with a doleful face
"Somehow I knew that was the reason Siwon-ah... He does remind me of Jongwoon too and maybe that's one of the reasons why I chose him as one of my artist" Heechul was 4 years older than Siwon and his father also used to work as a manager in Choi's company, he often came to Siwon's house with his dad so he was closed enough with both boys.
"But he's not Jongwoon hyung... you saw his profile, he has birth parents" Siwon let out a heavy sigh.
"I know Siwon-ah, this is must be hard on you, isn't it?" Heechul could feel how frustrated it would be for Siwon to look at someone who reminded him a lot of the one person who he loved the most.

"Hyung have you heard about the new trainee boy that was picked by Heechul hyung? He's even going to have his debut in the next 3 months, what a shorcut to success" Minho told Jonghyun with an obvious sinister tone in his voice
"Really? What's his name?" Jonghyun asked him out our curiosity since if Heechul chose him, that boy must be good.
"Kim Yesung, and rumor has it that he got chosen because he looks like Mr.Choi's late dongsaeng" Minho said with a sarcastic look on his face.
Jonghyun could feel something seethed inside him, Jongwoon is dead and no one could ever come and try to take his place as Siwon's dongsaeng. Jonghyun had worked hard to fill the empty seat that was left by Jongwoon for the past 10 years and he wasn't going to let anyone to just come and use his looks like Jongwoon face to take it all away from him. He strode away, heading toward Siwon's office, he stopped for a while and taking a deep breath before walk his way in to Siwon's office.
"Hi hyung...are you busy?" Jonghyun stretched a smile across his face
"Not really Jonghyun-ah, just come in" Siwon smiled back at him
"Is there anything that you would like to discuss with me?" Siwon asked him
"Hyung... I want to ask you about a new trainee, Kim Yesung?" Jonghyun tried to maintain his composure while asking that question.
"What about him Jonghyun-ah?" Siwon asked in neutral tone
"I don't know if It's the truth but there has been a rumor going around that he was chosen to make his debut just based on his resemblance to..." Jonghyun was hesitated to continue his words, he started to question himself whether he was making the right decision by coming and complaining about the new trainee, he even hadn't seen for himself if the trainee really looked like Jongwoon or not.
Siwon smiled at him "You don't have to finish your word Jonghyun-ah, because I already knew where you were going with this conversation, it's about his resemblance to Jongwoon right?" Siwon looked really calm in dealing with this gossip and Jonghyun just gave him a nod.
"I won't deny it by saying Yesung doesn't look like Jongwoon, because he does Jonghyun-ah, a lot. But, that's not the reason why he was chosen to have his debut early compare to the other new trainees, he has an amazing voice Jonghyun-ah, you would've agreed with me once you hear his voice, and don't mind about the gossip, the quality will speak for itself" Siwon said wisely.

Jonghyun blamed itself for rushing things down without even bothered to check about it first, and even if Yesung did look like Jongwoon, it didn't mean that Siwon would treat him like his own dongsaeng, he felt so stupid for making himself looking so shallow in front of Siwon. But to fulfill his own curiosity, Jonghyun decided to see this Yesung with his own eyes. He went to the training room, the new trainees were having their dance lesson. He looked at them one by one through the glass walls, trying to find Yesung. His presence was soon being noticed by one of the trainee.
"Look it's Jonghyun's hyung" being an famous idol, lots of the new trainees were fans of his and it had created a scene. The dance teacher saw him standing outside the training room and he gave him a sign to enter the room.
"All of you must've been familiar with Jonghyun ssi right, he also used to be one of the trainee here but now he has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular idol in Korea, so all of you have to practice hard if you want to be like him" said the dance teacher in order to boost the spirit of the new trainees.
"Hi I'm Jonghyun, It was nice to meet all of you, and please give your best during your training" Jonghyun gave a short speech.
Yesung recognized him, Jonghyun was the same age with him, but already gained huge popularity in Korea and even in Asia. He admired him for that but couldn't help but feel jealous at the same time.
"But could you please introduce yourselves because I love to get to know all of you too" Jonghyun said because this way he could find which one is Yesung.
One by one introduced themselves and finally it was Yesung's turn.
"Hi, my name is Kim Yesung, it was nice to meet you too Jonghyun ssi" Jonghyun didn't realize that he was staring at Yesung because he tried to look for his resemblance to Jongwoon and he had to admit it, Yesung did looked like Jongwoon, although he only remembered Jongwoon as a kid, but the contour of Yesung's face was pretty similar to little Jongwoon.
"Jonghyun hyung, why do you keep on staring at Yesung?" said one of the trainee
Jonghyun just smiled and then said "Because he looked like my late cousin, but I guess all of you probably already knew about this"
Yesung already heard about the gossip and it really put huge pressure on him and being accused as being chosen to debut early just because his similarity to the boss late dongsaeng had made him work his ass off to prove that he was really worthy of it.

Siwon was working late tonight since he had so many pending projects to deal with, looking down at his watch Siwon realized that it was already 11pm and decided that it was time for him to go home. He closed the door behind him and on his way out he noticed that one of the training room's light was still on. "All of the trainees should've been back to their dorm at this hour". Siwon walked toward the training room to check on it, looking through the glass wall, he saw someone sat with his back and head leaning against the wall, probably sleeping. Siwon took a further step into the training room and once he had a better look at the person, he recognized that it was Yesung. Siwon came to approach him "Why is he sleeping here and he's still wearing his training suit, did he train himself until this late hour? Yesung stirred in his sleep and slowly moving downward from his sitting position. Siwon moved him gently back to his original position. "Aigo this kid.... do I have to wake him up?" watching his sleeping like a baby face, Siwon just didn't have the heart to disturb him. Sitting beside him, Siwon studied his face closely "You really look like Jongwoon Yesung ssi....that high nose...small lips...pointy chin..." his thought was interrupted as Jongwoon's head moved down and rested on his shoulder. Siwon started to feel like dejavu since Jongwoon also used to rest his head on his shoulder whenever he felt sleepy.
"Ngghhh....." Yesung was mumbling in his sleep
"Yesung ssi, are you awake?" Siwon could see that his eyes were still closed but he was getting restless in his sleep.
"Nooooooooo!!!" Yesung woke up by his own shouting. He was panting hard, sweating and tears trailing down his flawless cheek. A touch on his shoulder had caused Yesung to almost jump from his sitting position " It's alright Yesung ssi, it's just a nightmare" Turning his head around, Yesung found Siwon was there beside him looking at him with worryful eyes. Yesung didn't know why, but with Siwon being there had made even more difficult for him to hold his tears back. Siwon wrapped his arms around him and drawn him near into his hug "Sssshhh it's alright Yesung ssi... I'm here... no need to be afraid ok...".
Not far from the training room someone was staring in resentment at the hugging scene that was being played right in front of his eyes
"No one is allowed to take my place away, I would make you hate him hyung....." Jonghyun clenched his fist as he walked away.

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