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The Long Lost Brother Chapter 3

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 3
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand ^^

"Morning Mr.Choi here is the financial report for the first quartal this year, our profit has increase tremendously compare to last year, due to most of our artists have manage to penetrate the international market especially Asian market, the biggest portion of our revenue this year was from the overseas concert ticket sales" Siwon took a quick glance at the numbers that were presented in the report "Thank you Kibum ssi, I'll look into the details later, you may go now" Siwon said as he stretched a satisfaction smile across his face. Kibum smiled back and excused himself before he left the room. On his way out Kibum ran into Jonghyun, he greeted him with a nod before heading out.
"Morning hyung" Jonghyun greeted him as he sat at one of the chair in front of Siwon's desk.
"Morning Jonghyun-ah, how was your concert in Japan, I heard it was a big success, congratz Jonghyun-ah, I'm really proud of you" Siwon said with a proud expression was obviously shown on his handsome face.
"Thank you's all thanks to you, I would've never accomplished this without your help" Jonghyun was very happy to know that Siwon felt proud of him.
"It's not because of me Jonghyun-ah, it's all due to your own hard work and amazing talent in singing, I absolutely got nothing to do with it so I ain't gonna take any credit for it" Siwon let out a small chuckle
"Yah hyung.... It felt like you don't want to be involved in my carrier" Jonghyun pretended to look sad and disappointed.
"You perfectly know that it's not like that Jonghyun-ah, hyung would always support you any way I can" Siwon said with a serious look on his face.
"I know hyung.... I was just kidding" He stuck his tongue out at Siwon.
"Aigo this kid!" Siwon hit Jonghyun's head lightly with a pen.
"Aahh It's hurt hyung....." Jonghyun acted as if it was really hurt
"I ain't gonna be fooled again Jonghyun-ah" Siwon chuckled and then they just both ended up laughing together.

"Yesung-ah, do you really want to go to Seoul?" Mrs.Kim looked at him with a sad look on her face.
"Yes mom.... I really want to try my luck in the entertainment industry, my dream is always to be a singer mom... and I hope you can support my decision because I wouldn't go there without your blessing" Yesung smiled at her while holding both of her hands in his.
It's not like Mrs.Kim didn't want to support Yesung in reaching his dream, but she was afraid that someone from his past might recognize him later on. Although it had been 10 years and Yesung didn't remember anything about his past, but there was still a slight chance that others might recognize the adult him and it scared her. She knew his family had looked for him because when she went to Busan few months after she found him, she saw the missing person ad in the newspaper but she didn't want to lose him, Yesung was already like her own son, a son that she could never have because she's barren. She decided to keep him and even registered him as her natural child with the help of her friend who worked at the government agency. However when she saw the sparkle in Yesung's eyes every time he talked about his dream, he couldn't help but feel guilty for being so selfish. Yesung had talked about this since few years back, because if you wanted to become a trainee it would be best if you joined it since teenager, and this year Yesung was going to turn 20, if she still insisted to prevent him from going to Seoul, he might lose the chance to realize his dream and what kind of mom who would prevent her son from achieving his dream just because her own selfishness.
"Mom... why do you stay silent? If it's hard for you, I prefer not to go, I would rather stay here with you and helping dad with his work, it's ok mom...really" Jongwoon really wanted to go but he was willing to give up on his dream if it was gonna make her mom sad.
"Yesung-ah.... If you really wanna go then go.... mom will support you" Mrs.Kim smiled brightly at his beloved son
"Really mom?!! Do you really allow me to go to Seoul?" Yesung couldn't hide the excited tone in his voice
"Yes Yesung-ah, but promise me you will always keep in touch with us, don't let me worry about you ok....." Mrs.Kim patted his head gently as she said it.
"Don't worry mom I will! I'm so happy mom, thank Youuu" Yesung hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek.

Siwon was looking at the files of the new candidate for the trainee, he was hoping to find a person that he had been missing for the past 10 years. Every year he hoped Jongwoon would apply as a trainee since with his capability in singing plus his pretty face, it won't be too hard to get into the entertainment industry. He had tried to find Jongwoon by placing the missing person ad in every media he could think of and even offered some money as the reward for the one who managed to find him for almost 3 years after the accident. But the result was people start to bring him persons who looked like Jongwoon just to get the money, so he decided to stop offering the reward and used the service of a private detective to search for him but the result was still the same, Jongwoon was nowhere to be found. After 5 years Siwon had started to lose his hope, if Jongwoon was still alive, why didn't he try to find Siwon or try to contact him at least, but then he though of something, it was a terrible accident, what if Jongwoon took a hard blow on his head and suffered from amnesia so he didn't contact him, he knew it just happened in a movie but there's a slight chance that it could happen in real life too, he just refused to give up on Jongwoon yet, it was his last hope. But Siwon didn't even sure that he could recognize Jongwoon just by looking at the photo since he knew Jongwoon as a child, his face must've been going through some changes over the years, and with all the plastic surgery that had been booming for the past few years almost all the male trainee had the same type of pretty face as Jongwoon. So he tried to look for the additional requirement which was the adopted son or orphan, but so far still no luck in finding him, Siwon really started to lose his hope and thinking if it was the time for him to accept the fact that Jongwoon had died in that accident. It was the last page of the file, he read the name "Kim Yesung" age "20" talent "singing", he looked at the picture, it's another pretty boy but he has birth parents and why do they all look like Jongwoon?! Siwon started to think that his obsession in finding him had corrupted his mind. He closed the file and leaned on his chair, staring at the ceiling "Jongwoon-ah, hyung misses you so much, please tell me where you are Jongwoon-ah, tell me you're still alive.... "

Yesung was waiting for his name to be called restlessly, he had lost the count of how many times he went to the rest room because he felt so nervous. "Why does it take so long, almost all of them had been called, when is my turn? Did they even received my CV, arrghh this is so frustrating!" Yesung mumbled to himself. And there were two people left, Yesung looked at the man who sat across him in the waiting room and he could tell that he was as nervous as him. "Hey.. What's your name" Yesung called him because he just had to find someone to talk to or he would go crazy because of the long hold.
The other man looked at him with confused eyes as his finger pointed at himself.
"Yes you... My name is Yesung.... What's yours?" Yesung said as he saw the man was confused whether Yesung was talking to him or not.
"Ah... I'm Hyukjae, the dancing machine" He introduced himself with a shy smile tugged on his face
"I guess your talent is dancing then....mine is singing" Yesung smiled at him
Hyukjae was about to reply him when he heard his name being called.
"Ah it's my turn, wish me luck Yesung" he said as he walked toward the audition room.
"Goodluck Hyukjae!" Yesung said as he cursed himself for being the last one to be called.
And then finally it was his turn to be called into the audition room,Yesung could feel that his heart beating wildly in his chest "Oh God please help me" he prayed silently as he walked toward the audition room. There were 3 persons in the audition room and surprisingly they were all young, Yesung was expecting to face older people in the audition room.
"Please introduce yourself" a lady like man said to him and Yesung tried to keep his voice steady when he introduced himself.
"So Kim Yesung, Heechul ssi has asked you to introduce your self and you said your talent is singing right, as a vocal trainer in this company, I would like to hear your singing voice first, why don't you sing us a song and please choose a song that could show off your singing capability ok" Yesung recognized this one, he was the famous vocal trainer Lee Sungmin.
Yesung decided to sing the song The more I love, his voice quivered at first because he was nervous but as he drowned himself into the song, his true ability in singing was shown which left the 3 persons in the room agape.
"It was amazing Yesung ssi" it was said by the third person in the room and Yesung didn't know why but looking at him had triggered a warm feeling in his heart as if he knew him before.
"Thank you....Mr.." Yesung couldn't figured out his name.
"I'm Choi Siwon the president director of this company...nice to meet you Yesung ssi"

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