Title : Memories
Character : KRY+Sungmin+Donghae
Genre : Angst, brotherhood
Rating : G
Summary : This about the Last KRY Concert with Yesung
Warning : Character Death
Type : Oneshot
Disclaimer : I wrote this in a hurry so please forgive the bad grammars :p

Looking at their peaceful sleeping face, I can't stop the tears that start to run down freely on my cheeks. Tomorrow yes tomorrow...., we're going to held our second KRY tour in Seoul, I feel so happy because finally we could have another concert in our own hometown but I also feel so sad because this might be our last concert together. Time is something that starts to drift away from me, the doctor said I only got 6 months to live, the funny thing is he said that 7 months ago, but here I am still alive, even though I know that maybe it's a bonus that God gave me so I can spend this precious time together with them, to end the journey of the KRY in our beautiful hometown, Seoul city.

"Hyung? Are you ok? You look pale" Kyuhyun asked me worrily.
"I'm fine Kyu-ah, don't worry" I tried to smile even though my head felt so damn hurt.
"Hyung, Kyu was right, you do look pale, maybe we should cancel the last song, I'm sure our fans will understand" Wookie said and then walked toward our manager to inform him. I grabbed his hand to stop him "Wookie-ah, please.... I want to sing the last song, it means a lot to me, I'm ok....I still can sing, it's only one song..." I told him with pleaded eyes
"Hyung, I won't agree with that! I don't want anything bad happen to you, your health seems to deteriorate nowadays, I think we should take you to the doctor now!" Hae held my hand but I yanked it free.
"Hae please......I want to finish our concert with that song" I said with pleaded tone and tears has begun to fall down on my cheeks.
"Hyung... If you really think that you can finish the song, I'll support you...please don't cry ok..." Sungmin said as he wiped away my tears with his thumbs.
"Minnie-ah, hyung is sick! How could you support him huh?! You should prevent him from doing stupid thing like this!" Kyu said with angry tone.
"Kyu-ah, I know hyung is sick, but it's just one song, I can't bear to see him like this" Sungmin said and then turned his gaze at me.
"Hyung... you have to promise me, if you feel that you can't stand it anymore, you have to tell us so we can bring you to the hospital immediately" Sungmin said while looking at my eyes deeply.
"I promise..... thank you Minnie-ah" I said before giving him a hug. I can feel the other's hands patted my shoulder so I broke the hug and looked at the rest of them, smiling.
"If you really want it so bad, maybe the hospital can wait Hyung, I just want to see you happy" Hae said as he stretched his contagious smile across his face.
"Thank you Hae-ah" and I hugged him too.
"You're so stubborn hyung! Do it as you wish, and don't blame me if you're getting sicker after this!" Kyuhyun said with angry tone but I know deep down inside he supported me too, he just couldn't find the right words to express it.
"Thank you Kyu-ah" and before I went to hug him, he already drew me in his hug first and scolded me stupid.
"Wookie-ah, aren't you gonna say something" I asked him in teasing tone.
"What else to say hyung, it's 4 against 1, I just hope you can keep your promise by not forcing yourself to finish the song if you really can't" Wookie said calmly and for the first time I felt the eternal magnae sounded like the oldest among us.
"Thank you Wookie-ah" I pulled him into my embrace and then he said that he will punish me with starvation if I break my promise.

So the last song is memories, my favorite one out of all the songs in our fifth album because I would like to cherish each of the beautiful memories that I have with them and hoping when I'm gone, there's a place for me in their memories, I don't ask for a big portion of it, just a tiny part will be enough, at least they would still remember this fail Yesung hyung ever existed in their life, it's not too much to ask rite?
I was in the middle of my adlib's part when I felt the throbbing pain in my head, I could barely withstand it but I told myself I have to, it's just one more minute....please let me stay conscious for one more minute. I could hear the music ends and people's clapping before all the world seemed to be painted in the darkest black.

"four of you, stop blaming yourself, it was his time, there's nothing you can do to prevent it" Leeteuk said while trying to look strong in front of the younger ones.
"Why didn't he tell us hyung, why?!!!!" Kyuhyun asked in furious tone as his eyes was brimming with tears.
"He didn't want you guys to worry about him and then cancel the concert" Leeteuk said.
"Of course we would've cancelled the concert!! The concert means nothing compare to him hyung! What's the hell is wrong with both of you huh?!!" Donghae shouted his lungs out.
"Let me ask all of you, if you know that you would die soon, would you rather to spend your last time lying in the bed or filling it with things that you like to do the most?" Leeteuk asked them thus making four of them stared at him in silence.
"I understand hyung.... I think I would've done the same thing if I were him" Wookie finally broke the silence while trying his best to control his sobbing.
"He left this for you guys" Leeteuk said as he held out a piece of folded paper from his pocket.
"What's this hyung?" Sungmin asked while trying to stop his sobbing but he failed miserably.
"Just read it" Leeteuk said as he handed it to Sungmin and then left them alone, maybe to have his own crying time after this.
Sungmin opened the letter and then read what was written in it for the rest of them to hear.

Hi... If you guys has read this letter then it means that I'm no longer with you and I'm sorry for hiding this from all of you.... I just didn't want all of you to worry about me since I already got Teukie hyung who crazily worries about me. I just want to say that all of this time that I've spent together with you guys are the most unforgettable memories that I will cherish for the rest of my live and if it's possible I really want them to be still with me even after I leave this world.

Kyuhyun-ah... you do know that I always love your soothing voice right? I always asked you to sing for me whenever I felt down and you never said no, you really love this weird hyung, don't you? And please don't mad at me ok.... I was always scared and sad when I saw you mad, please forgive me this time you always did....

Wookie-ah, the purest voice ever as pure as your heart, always cooked for me whenever I felt hungry, I always love your food, the best in the world. Wookie-ah... I'm sorry if I've troubled you so much all this time, I'm such a useless hyung, am I? It felt like it was you who took care of me all the time...

Donghae-ah, my jjeukomani, always made me laugh whenever I feel sad, you're the only one who dares to come close to me whenever I was mad, telling stupid jokes with that childish face of yours, making me couldn't help but laugh at them, Hae-ah... for this moody hyung, you will always be a child...a cute one...

Minnie-ah, we rarely talk, do we? I always didn't get you and your obsession with pink color, you're a man but why do you like that color so much huh? But I want you to know I always find you cute and I really admire you for having the ability to play various music instruments, something that I could never compete with, I'm such a terrible hyung for you all this time....I wish that I will have a chance to spend more time with you so I can understand about you more.. but that wish is kind of impossible right now, isn't it? I'm sorry...

And last but not least, please don't forget about me, it might sound selfish but I really hope the memory of me still has a tiny part in yours. Please visit me sometimes, because you know how I hate being lonely ^^ but it's just a stupid request anyway, don't bother about it so much, all I want is for you guys to be happy, so please be happy for me ok. So this is goodbye then.....I'm gonna miss all of you...

With so much love,

Yesung hyung


A/N : Please forgive me for killing Sungie..... T________T


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 10

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter  10
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand


 “H-Hyung…” He whispered as he hadn’t found enough strength to speak his word clearly.

“Yesung ssi….? Can’t you recognize me? I’m Choi Siwon..” Eyes looking at him worrily as he assumed that the younger man had failed to recognize him.

“H-hyung….” Yesung called him again as his sluggish hand tried to remove the oxygen mask away from his mouth so he could deliver his words properly. Grabbing the small hand of the younger man, Siwon was trying to prevent him from doing something that might worsen his health condition.

“Leave it Yesung ssi, don’t panic ok…I’ll go get the doctor for you” Siwon said as he rushed out through the door thus failed to notice the smaller man’s muffled voice said “I’m Jongwoon hyung…”

Siwon quickly came back with the doctor as he was worried for Yesung being unable to recognize him earlier.

“You're awake Yesung ssi…. I’m going to check your pressure okay?" The doctor said while eyes looking down at him gently. Not having enough strength to argue yet, Yesung let the doctor checking and assessing his stats to make sure everything was alright but his gaze never left Siwon throughout the whole process.

“I think you’re not going to need the oxygen mask anymore Yesung ssi, you can breathe perfectly on your own now” The doctor removed it for him before turning around to face Siwon who was standing behind him at the side of the bed looking all worried.

"His blood pressure and other vital signs are good, so there’s nothing to worry about Siwon ssi” the doctor said.

“But why can’t he recognize me earlier doc?” Siwon asked as he shifting his gaze from Yesung to the doctor.

The doctor raised an eyebrow before turning around to ask Yesung “Yesung ssi do you remember what happened to you before you are being brought to the hospital?”

Yesung finally switched his gaze from Siwon to the doctor “Car accident…” He rasped.

“It’s good Yesung ssi, it means there’s nothing wrong with your memory” The doctor smiled

“So do you recognize this man beside me?” The doctor asked again

Returning his gaze back at Siwon, he tried to voice out his words clearly this time “Hyung”

Hearing the same exact words coming from the smaller man lips, Siwon was starting to feel scared that there was something seriously wrong with him “See doc, he doesn’t recognize me”

“Are you not his hyung?” The doctor asked Siwon

“I wish I am doc,but I’m not, I’m just his boss and he never called me hyung before” Siwon said with confused  and worried expression were obviously shown on his face.

“Yesung ssi… why did you call him that? Don’t you recognize him?” The doctor questioned him .

Yesung reached out and took the older man’s hand in his “Hyung……I’m Jongwoon..” He said as his eyes started to brim with tears.


Siwon just stood still, staring at the smaller man blankly, didn’t know how he was supposed to react to the words the younger man just said.

“Yesung ssi…why did you said that, you perfectly know that you’re not Jongwoon, you’re not my brother, you have your own birth parents” Siwon just couldn’t understand him, why suddenly he claimed himself as Jongwoon.

“He wants to be Jongwoon hyung…” Jonghyun came to join the conversation as he entered the room.

“Jonghyun-ah? Why did you get up from your bed and where’s Heechul hyung?” Siwon  asked the man who walked his way slowly toward him.

“I feel fine hyung… don’t worry, I let Heechul hyung returned to the office since I didn’t see any reason to keep him here, he got lots of works waiting for him. And I came to see how Yesung is doing because I was worried about him but I could see that he’s doing fine….even more than fine actually” Jonghyun scoffed

“Jonghyun-ah don’t say that… maybe Yesung is still in shocked after the accident, so he got a little bit disoriented but I’m sure he meant no harm” Siwon still tried to protect Yesung even though he himself couldn’t figured out the reason for the smaller man to say those words earlier.

Seeing Jonghyun had brought back all the previous memories about the only cousin that used to be closed with him when they were still a child, how he was a quiet boy and often got beaten by his own father, a lack of love child since the day his mother left him behind. And then the flash of the memories before the accident was being rewound in his mind.


“You are enjoying stealing everything away from me, aren't you?”

That painful expression when he said the word


"Because we are going to crash Yesung ssi...."

And the hopeless action that he did just to win everything back


“Jonghyun-ah..” Yesung said as his eyes looking at him gently.

“Don’t even try to call me like that Yesung ssi, we’re not that closed!” Jonghyun growled as his eyes were filled with hatred toward him.

“Jonghyun-ah… we haven’t gotten the chance to play that new game that mom bought for me, have we?  I wonder if hyung still kept it for me” Yesung remarked as he glanced at Siwon who was staring at him bewildered, eyes went wide, mouth agape and was completely frozen in shock.

“J-jong..w-woon?” Jonghyun stuttered and stared at him in disbelief.

“Yes Jonghyun-ah… I’m Jongwoon…” He stretched a genuine smile across his still pale face since he hasn’t fully recovered yet.

Siwon who didn’t even manage to say a single word took his few steps closer toward Yesung, sitting on the bedside and leaning over as he bring the smaller man up gently into his hug. Wrapping his arms around the smaller man while being careful enough not to hurt his still fragile body, Siwon kissed the top of his head and then rested his chin there.

“Jongwoon-ah… I miss you so damn much…….” Siwon’s voice quivered as he tried his best to stifle the tears that began to force their way out of his eyes.

Burying his head against his hyung’s strong protective chest and savoring the warm feeling that he remembered having when he was still a child had broken him down in tears “I miss you too hyung….” Yesung said amidst the sobs.

Noticing the racked body of the smaller man, Siwon just cuddled him closer and thinking how stupid he had been for not believing his own heart when it had recognized him as his dongsaeng since the first time he saw the younger man back at the audition room.

After a long moment of comforting hug and a shirt that had drenched in tears , Siwon finally released the smaller man and put him back onto bed gently, wiping the remaining tears away with his thumb while looking at him with loving eyes “I’m sorry for being such a bad hyung Jongwoon-ah, I should’ve been able to recognize you long before this, I’m so sorry….” Siwon said obviously out of guilt.

“It’s alright hyung, it was me who didn’t remember you in the first place” He said as he put a sheepish smile across his face “And even though you didn’t recognize me back then but I could feel your love for me hyung” He smiled brightly.

“Because I couldn’t help myself not to love you silly” Siwon let out a small laughter and ruffled the messy hair of his beloved dongsaeng.


“Ehmm” a clearing throat voice suddenly could be heard in the hospital room.

Being too occupied with each other, they just realized that the doctor was still in the room and was watching the whole drama scenes.

“I’m so sorry doc, I forgot that you’re still here” Siwon said while looking all so embarrassed.

“That’s allright… I understand how it feels Mr.Choi, I’m happy for you two” He offered a genuine smile

“Thank you doc” Siwon replied

“Since everything is alright then I have to excuse myself because I still have another patient to visit after this” Said the doctor .

Yesung’s eyes found Jonghyun standing not far away from his bed and looking like a statue, face filled with mixed emotions of fear, sad and surprised after finding out that Yesung is Jongwoon.

“Jonghyun-ah, come here….” Yesung called him softly.

Jonghyun turned his gaze down and murmured “Jongwoon-ah I’m sorry…” before turning around and dashed toward the door.

“Jonghyun-ah wait!” Yesung brought himself up to stop Jonghyun from leaving but having not enough strength to support his own body yet had made him almost fell out of the bed.

“Jongwoon-ah!” Siwon was quick to catch him and his shouting causing Jonghyun to pause on his steps. He turned around to see what happened and saw Siwon was holding Yesung in his arms and then helping him back onto the bed. Yesung let out a small whimper as the previous sudden movement had made him feel a twinge in his chest.

“Jonghyun-ah please don’t leave…. I want to talk to you….” Yesung said as he saw Jonghyun stop just few feet before the door.

“Jongwoon-ah… there’s nothing to talk about…I bet you hate me right? And I bet hyung will hate me too if he knows what have I done to you, so just please let me disappear from your life ok” Jonghyun tried his best to his keep his voice steady as the tears threatened to spill out from the corner of his eyes.

“Jonghyun-ah I don’t hate you, I understand how you feel… it’s ok really…I love you Jonghyun-ah” Yesung said with a genuine smile tugged on his face

“How could you forgive me Jongwoon-ah, I don’t deserve it, I almost got you killed.. I…” He didn’t finish his words because he could feel that tears have started to roll down on his cheek.

“I’m still alive and that’s what’s the matter Jonghyun-ah, let’s just forget about all the bad things that had happened in the past and begin with a new fresh start and I’m sure hyung will forgive you too, right hyung?” Yesung asked while tilting his head along with his bright puppy eyes.

Siwon exhaled “How could I say no to you Jongwoon-ah” He said even though he hasn’t quite understand what had happened between the two of them, but if it could make his dongsaeng happy then he would be more than willing to agree with it.

“Jonghyun-ah I don’t know what had happened but I could only hope that start from today the three of us could live together as a family, I love you too Jonghyun-ah” Siwon said with warm tone.

Jonghyun couldn’t believe what he just heard, how could they forgive him after what he had done, taking a few slow steps forward and then ended up running toward Yesung , Jonghyun hugged him tightly.

“Thank you Jongwoon-ah, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….” Jonghyun said amidst the sobs.

Yesung hugged him back and said “There’s nothing to forgive Jonghyun-ah, I’m just glad that I could find my memories back and I think I should thank you for that” Yesung chuckled

Jonghyun couldn’t help but let out a small laughter after hearing that words, releasing the hug, he looked at Yesung with his teary eyes and said “Jongwoon-ah…starting from now I won’t let anyone hurt you, not even hyung!”

“Yah-yah Jonghyun-ah, I will never hurt Jongwoon, why did you say that” Siwon pouted

“Hyung… you love Jongwoon, I know that, but sometimes you are too easy to be deceived, and I’m afraid that Jongwoon could be hurt by that” Jonghyun stuck his tounge out

“Yah-yah this kid”

Jonghyun chuckled and then switched his gaze back at Yesung “Jongwoon-ah, would you like to have a duet with me for the next SJ Town?” Jonghyun asked

Yesung just smiled at him and said “Of course Jonghyun-ah, I would love to”

“Not without my permission first, I’m still the boss of SJ Entertainment you guys” Siwon felt left out from the conversation and the two younger boys just laughed at him as the reply.


Yesung got back to his usual activities within a month after the accident and now they are preparing for the next SJ TOWN in LA.

“Siwon-ah, I could see that you got a competitor right now” Heechul chuckled

“I know what you mean hyung, Jonghyun manipulates Jongwoon now, I could barely have enough time to spend with him” Siwon sighed

“I’m so glad you finally found him Siwon-ah, have you met his parents yet?” Heechul asked

“Yes, I went with Jongwoon last week, although I’m still angry at them for keeping Jongwoon away from me for so long but I notice that they do love him very much hyung and so does Jongwoon, I won’t sue them or anything, I’m just grateful that I finally have Jongwoon back” Siwon smiled and Heechul just patted him on the shoulder, feeling proud that Siwon could made such a wise decision in his still young age.

Finally it’s the time for SJ Town in LA, Yesung and Jonghyun sang a duet song called “Sea of Love” and they hugged each other after the performance. Siwon could see how happy Yesung is, he practically smiled from ear to ear throughout the whole show. Siwon just felt so blessed that he could see that brightest smile again in his life. Facing up to the night sky, Siwon smiled at the stars above and said “Mom… Dad… please don’t worry… I promise… I will make sure that smile would never leave his beautiful face”.




A/N : Thank you for reading this fic and I’m sorry if the ending sucks big time :p


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 9

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 9
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Siwon didn't even remember how he got into the hospital, his mind went blank by the time he received the news about Jonghyun and Yesung were involved in a car accident. He ran frantically along the hallway heading toward the emergency room with Heechul by his side.
"Siwon-ah, you can't go in there!" Heechul grabbed his hand, preventing him to barge into the emergency room
"Hyung I need to go in there! I need to see if they're alright!" Siwon said loudly in frustration as he tried to free himself from Heechul .
"Calm down Siwon-ah! I know you're worried about them, but there's nothing you can do right now, let the doctors do their job, ok...?" Heechul looked at Siwon's eyes trying to find out if he managed to calm him down and when he saw that the younger man had calmed down a little bit, Heechul guided him to sit on one of the chairs in the waiting room. Siwon just sit still and stayed in silence for a while and Heechul just patted his shoulder trying to comfort him.
"I'm scared hyung....." Siwon's voice quivered, he felt like the incident 10 years ago repeat itself.
"I know Siwon-ah, but let's just hope that they will be safe ok? maybe they weren't hurt that bad" Heechul said as he tried to lighten up the heavy atmosphere that both of them could feel right now.
"I can't lose them hyung, I can't lose him... not again..." Siwon finally broke down in tears.
Heechul was aware that Siwon had unconsciously considered Yesung as Jongwoon and facing this kind of situation was surely devastating for him. Heechul knew, nothing that he could say to ease the pain and fear that Siwon probably felt right now, wrapping his arms around the younger man, Heechul could only wish that it might offer him some comfort.

Minutes passed, hour passed, Siwon was getting restless, he started to lose his patience, he got up from his seat and walked toward the door of the ER, Heechul let out a heavy sigh as he also got up from his seat to go after the younger man.
"Siwon-ah... please get back to your seat ok" Heechul said
"Don't worry hyung... I won't do anything stupid, I just need to move around because this waiting is killing me" Siwon sighed. Almost 15 minutes later, the doctor came out of the room and found himself being bombarded with dozens of questions from Siwon.
"Please calm down Sir, sorry to keep you waiting" The doctor offered a sincere apology.
"Jonghyun ssi suffered a mild concussion and based on his own request he had undergone a plastic surgery to repair the deep gash on his forehead" The doctor explained.
"What about Yesung?" Siwon was glad to know that Jonghyun wasn't badly hurt in that accident, but he couldn't deny that it was Yesung that he worried most about.
"The collision has caused severe damage to Yesung ssi's internal organs, it took us a while to make him stabilized before we could carry out the surgery needed to deal with his internal injuries. And although the surgery was a success, he still needs to be closely monitored since there's still possibility of further complications, but if everything goes smoothly, he will be able to heal in time".
Siwon felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his chest, he finally could breath a little easier, even though Yesung wasn't completely out of the woods yet but at least the probability of him would recover was high.
"Can we see them?" Heechul asked
"Sure, please follow me, they have been moved to the recovery room" The doctor leaded the way.

Siwon visited Jonghyun before he visited Yesung, he was still unconscious after underwent a plastic surgery.
"Hyung... I think I would stay with Yesung for tonight since he still needs to be monitored closely, but I don't want Jonghyun to be alone when he wakes up, could you stay with him for tonight?" Siwon asked Heechul
"No problem Siwon-ah, just leave Jonghyun to me" Heechul smiled as he knew that Siwon actually wanted to be beside Yesung and only used the fact that Yesung needed to be monitored closely as an excuse to ask him to accompany Jonghyun for the night.
Siwon entered the room as his eyes wandered to find the person that had caused him to lose half of his age for worrying about his condition since the first time he found out about the accident. Yesung was lying still on the bed, an oxygen mask was covering almost half of his face. As he walked closer, Siwon could notice how pale the smaller man was, cuts and bruises was clearly apparent against his milky white skin, on his face, on his hand. Looking at the slow movement of his chest heaving up and down as he was breathing with the help of the oxygen mask, Siwon couldn't help but to feel grateful that Yesung was indeed still alive. Siwon sat down on the chair beside the bed, taking the younger man's cold and limp small hand in one of his while the other hand stroke Yesung's messy hair lightly.
"Thank you for staying alive Yesung ssi, thank you for not leaving me" Siwon said as he pressed his lips against the small hand and tears slowly rolling down on his cheeks.
"How many times do you want to test the strength of my heart Yesung ssi..., if you keep on doing this maybe I would be the one who is gonna leave you first" Siwon chuckled between the sobs.
"I really thought that I was gonna lose you for sure back then since faith tends to be cruel to me" Siwon smiled bitterly
"I know you're not Jongwoon... but my heart tells me different, since it loves you like the way I used to love Jongwoon and I don't even know why Yesung ssi...."

On the next morning Siwon went to Jonghyun's room since Heechul told him that he woke up already.
"How are you feeling Jonghyun-ah, anywhere hurt?" He asked gently
"My head hurts a bit hyung and my scar still feels burning" Jonghyun replied
"I'm really glad that you weren't hurt badly in that accident Jonghyun-ah" Siwon smiled as he ruffled his hair.
"Thank you hyung..." Jonghyun said with downcast eyes
"Thank you for what Jonghyun-ah?" Siwon asked
"Thank you for still care about me" Jonghyun replied as the sobs started, racking his body as he tried to control them but failed
"Yah yah Jonghyun-ah, why are you crying?" Siwon got up from the chair to sat on the side of the bed and pulling him into his hug.
"Of course I still care about you Jonghyun-ah, you are my only cousin and I've considered you as my own dongsaeng" Siwon tried to calm him down
"But I feel you're drifting away from me since Yesung came into your life hyung....." Jonghyun said.
Siwon broke the hug, Jonghyun's words had made him realize that maybe he did pay less attention to him since Yesung existed in his life, and he felt guilty for it, but he couldn't fool himself and Jonghyun by saying that he didn't care more about Yesung than Jonghyun. Siwon lifted Jonghyun's head so their eyes could meet "Jonghyun-ah... having Yesung in my life that doesn't meant that I care less about you, but I have to admit it that Yesung has brought back the feeling that I used to have for Jongwoon" Siwon just couldn't lie to Jonghyun, even though he knew that this might hurt him but he could only hope that Jonghyun would understand his feeling.
"I know this doesn't make sense at all, Yesung isn't Jongwoon.... but I can't control the feeling that I have for him Jonghyun-ah" Siwon let out a heavy sigh.
"I love you and I loved Jongwoon since we're still a child, even I had Jongwoon back then, that didn't mean that i didn't love you Jonghyun-ah, but it was just different kind of love" Siwon tried to explain his point of view.
"I understand hyung.... and please forgive me for being so selfish" Jonghyun said
"I'm really glad you could understand me Jonghyun-ah" Siwon smiled as he felt relief that he finally could make Jonghyun comprehend his thought.
"But he's not Jongwoon hyung.... and I couldn't accept a stranger just came and took his place when I've tried hard to fill it for him for the past 10 years"

Siwon went back to Yesung's room only to find that the smaller man still sleeping soundlessly on his bed, but Siwon was calm since the doctor said that he had nothing to worry about because Yesung's stats showed that he didn't develop any complication after the surgery.
"When are you going to wake up sleepy head... It's almost noon already" Siwon laid a kiss on his forehead.
That light touch had cause Yesung's eyes to slowly flutter open, he squinted as the room's bright light searing his vision.
"Yesung ssi you're awake?" Siwon's voice calling him out of the darkness into the field of consciousness.
Yesung's vision slowly started to get more focus as he saw the man who smiled brightly at him.
"H-Hyung......" He whispered


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 8

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 8
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Yesung was playing with his iPhone as he walked toward the training room, paying less attention to his surrounding has cost him to bump into someone.
"Ah sorry" the words automatically slipped from his mouth as he lifted his gaze to see who the person he bumped into.
"Yah watch where you're going!" Jonghyun glared at him
"I'm sorry Jonghyun sunbae, I didn't see you, I'm so sorry ok" Yesung cursed himself, he shouldn't have occupied himself with his iPhone while walking.
"Feeling superior now, don't you Yesung ssi....for having a blast debut and the extra attention from the owner of the company, what a life you got there" Jonghyun said with sarcastic tone
"I'm sorry that I bumped you Jonghyun sunbae... but why suddenly you said something like that, I just feel glad that I didn't let the company down and I appreciate Mr.Choi's attention for me, but that doesn't make feel superior or anything, I'm just happy that he cares about me" Yesung said genuinely.
"Stop acting like you're some innocence boy Yesung ssi, I'm sure you must be really proud right now huh? Being crowned as the best male singer in this company and treated like a dongsaeng by Siwon hyung, you are enjoying stealing everything away from me, aren't you?!" Jonghyun looked at him with eyes that were filled with anger and pain.
"I'm sorry if you feel that way Jonghyun sunbae, but really I have no intention to steal anything from you, can we just be friends...please?" Yesung couldn't shake the guilty feeling that started to built within him, he didn't realize that he had caused someone to feel like losing his everything.
"Friends?" Jonghyun scoffed, clearly not interested "You are the last person in this world who I would consider to be a friend Yesung ssi....and please enjoy your glorious moments while you still can.... because I promise you, I would take them all back, soon.." Jonghyun showed his evilish grin as he walked away.

One of the tv station was having a new music variety show, both Jonghyun and Yesung were invited to join it. The show allowed the Korean idol singers to compete against each other in singing legendary songs. Jonghyun was more than eager to win this competition while Yesung on the other hand was under a lot of stress due to he was afraid that he would not be able to give a good performance and embarrassed the company. Yesung sang before Jonghyun and he chose to sing the song that got him to join the SJ Entertainment, and he managed to deliver the song very well, his explosive high notes received praises from the original singer. Jonghyun was the last one to sing and being immensely needed to win, he choice a song that was kind of hard for him to sing and made him sounded like he strained his voice while singing it. Yesung managed to win the competition and felt really happy about it while Jonghyun had to accept the fact the he had lost to Yesung in front of national television. The wrath that he felt for Yesung just kept on growing and made him could no longer withstand his frenzy to get rid of Yesung for good. He came to approach Yesung at the backstage and smiled at him "Congratulation Yesung ssi, you deserve to win" he said as held out his hand. Yesung couldn't believe it " Jonghyun sunbae came to congratulate me? Is this for real?". Despite still being in shocked, Yesung managed to shake his hand and said "Thank you Jonghyun sunbae, this means a lot to me".
"You don't have to say that Yesung ssi... and I'm sorry for being such an ass before, I have to admit that you're a better singer than me" He stretched a fake smile across his face.
"No it's not Jonghyun sunbae, I still have alot to learn from you, I was just being lucky today" Yesung said
"So does the offer still stand?" Jonghyun asked
"What offer Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung said with confused look
"Your offer for us to be friends of course" Jonghyun chuckled
"Yeah sure Jonghyun sunbae, do you really want to be friends with me?" Yesung exclaimed
"I am Yesung ssi, if you're still interested of course" Jonghyun said
"Of course I am!, thank you so much Jonghyun sunbae" Yesung unconsciously hugged him because he felt so excited and Jonghyun facial muscles bunched up in disgust.
But then Yesung broke the hug quickly "Ah I'm sorry Jonghyun sunbae, I just felt too excited that you finally wanna be friend with me" Yesung smiled shyly.
"It's ok Yesung ssi.... so are you free tomorrow? I wonder if you want to join me for some shopping, I need to buy some new clothes" Jonghyun asked
"I would love to go with you tomorrow Jonghyun sunbae, thank you for the invitation" Yesung smiled brightly.
"Alright then I'll pick you up tomorrow morning" Jonghyun replied with a smile tugged on his face.

As he promised before, Jonghyun came to pick up Yesung at his dorm in the next morning.
"Morning Jonghyun sunbae" Yesung greeted him as he get in the car.
"Morning Yesung ssi" Jonghyun replied
Yesung tried to buckle up but the safety belt seemed to be stuck.
"Ah I'm sorry Yesung ssi, I forgot to repair it" Jonghyun sighed
"That's ok Jonghyun sunbae, it's not like we're going to have a race or something" Yesung chuckled.
"So where are we going now Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung asked as the car had started to roll on the road.
"I have no idea yet Yesung ssi, maybe Gangnam" He replied
They were in the toll road when Jonghyun started to drive the car at high speed.
"Jonghyun sunbae please drive slower, speeding like this is dangerous" Yesung tried to warn him.
"Is that so Yesung ssi...?" Jonghyun smirked
"Yes it is.. Jonghyun sunbae, so please reduce the speed ok" Yesung said
"Do you know what will happen if a car crashes and the passenger not wearing a safety belt Yesung ssi" Jonghyun asked with a cold tone.
"Why did you ask me that Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung threw him a confused look
"Because we are going to crash Yesung ssi...." Jonghyun grinned as he drove the car toward the guard rail.
"Yah Jonghyun sunbae, are you crazy?!!!" Yesung tried to turned the wheel and both ended up fighting over the steering wheel. Instead of ramming to the guardrail the car spun out of control before hitting another car on the driver's side.

Yesung opened his eyes slowly, he could taste the blood in his mouth and there was pain coursing through his body. But somehow he could see a movie being played right in front of his eyes.

"Jongwoon-ah do you see this necklace? Mom made two of them, this one is for you"

"Look at the initials on the pendant Jongwoon-ah, SW & JW, they represent our names. It's for reminding us that we always have to be together because we're brothers"

"I want you to remember this Jongwoon-ah, there's no one in this world than I could love more than you, because you're the one and only dongsaeng that I have, I love Jonghyun too Jongwoon-ah, but my love for him would never ever surpass my love for you, do you understand me?"

"I know hyung.... And I love you the most too"

"Yah are you guys alright?!!" Yesung snapped out of his revery, he could hear someone shouted from outside the car and practically banging on the car windows. Yesung tried to move his body from the awkward position he found himself in only to feel a sharp pain in his chest and let a groan of pain escaped from his lips. His eyes met Jonghyun who sat motionlessly beside him, he could see a visible gash on his forehead.
"J-Jonghyun-ah.... wake up...." Yesung's voice came out as a whisper only.
"Open the door so we could help you!" Someone shouted
Yesung lifted his hand slowly as every move is excruciating for him, he finally managed to unlock the door. The door was opened from outside, Yesung could feel his body being lifted out of the car, as his consciousness started to drift away, Yesung still found the strength to say "Please help my cousin first..."


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 7

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 7
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Yesung’s eyes slowly fluttered open, he blinked a few times adjusting his eyes to the light.
“Yesung hyung…you wake up already?” Hyukjae asked
He stared at Hyukjae for a moment “Hyukkie?”
“How are you feeling Yesung hyung?”
Yesung looked around, realizing that he wasn’t in his room “Am I in the hospital?” He tried to remember what was he doing last that could have ended him up in the hospital and then realization dawned on him “What happened? Did I faint Hyukkie-ah? Did I mess up the show?” Yesung brought himself up only to feel the sudden pain on his neck and waist.
“Yah yah Yesung hyung don’t force yourself up, you injured your neck and waist in that fall” Hyukjae pushed him back on to the bed gently.
“Yes you fainted hyung… and no you didn’t mess up the show, don’t worry about it ok” Hyukjae tried to calm him down
“I must’ve messed it up Hyukkie-ah, Mr.Choi is surely gonna be mad at me, why can’t I do something right for once, I’m such a failure” Yesung let out a heavy sigh.
“Don’t’ say like that Yesung hyung…. you had performed really well last night, you received a lot of praises from the audience, and about Mr.Choi, I don’t think that you have to worry about he’s getting angry at you” Hyukjae chuckled
“Why are you laughing Hyukkie-ah? Why shouldn’t I worry about Mr.Choi?” Yesung threw him a confused look
“Because you should’ve seen his face when he saw you fell from the stage Yesung hyung…, he was worried to death, he picked you up then practically yelled at the staffs to get him a car so he could bring you to the hospital” Hyukjae let another small laughter escaped his lips.
Yesung stared at him blankly while trying to digest Hyukjae’s words “It can’t be…he hates me…he should’ve been mad at me instead of worrying about me”
“I don’t believe you Hyukkie-ah, that’s not possible, Mr.Choi hates me, he didn’t even want to look at my face whenever we met accidently, he would never care about me like that” Yesung reasoned
“Yah Yesung hyung, I was telling you the truth, you may ask all the people who attended that show last night, they’re going to say the exact same thing, I think he really cares about you, he was the one who asked me to come here and replacing him to take care of you because he needed to go to the office this morning” Hyukjae said.
Yesung still hadn’t decided whether to believe Hyukjae or not when he saw the door was being opened. “I see you’re awake Yesung ssi” Siwon said as he took his steps into the room. Yesung just stared at the older man blankly “Did he come to scold me? What should I say? Yesung-ah you’re so dead” Yesung started to get panic.
“Good morning Mr.Choi” Hyukjae greeted him
“Morning Hyukjae ssi “ Siwon replied and then he switched his gaze to Yesung “How are you feeling Yesung ssi, anywhere hurt?”
“I-I am fine Mr.Choi” Yesung stuttered
“How could you be fine Yesung ssi…You fell from the stage and fainted!” Siwon raised his voice a little bit
“Mr.Choi, I think I have to get back first, I have an appointment to attend” Hyukjae said
“Alright Hyukjae ssi and thank you for your help” Siwon smiled. Actually Hyukjae didn’t have any appointment for that day, he just wanted to give them a chance to talk privately.

There were only two of them left in the room and Siwon helped Yesung to adjust the bed so he could sit up and then taking a seat next to it. He looked at Yesung straight in the eyes and said in a flat tone “So now tell me Yesung ssi.. how are you really feeling?”
“My neck and waist hurt a little bit but really…. that’s all Mr.Choi…” Yesung tried to convince him that he wasn’t injured badly.
“That’s good then Yesung ssi, but you see, that’s what you get when you’ve been a disobedient trainee for not obeying my order, didn’t I tell you before not to worn out your body by doing excessive training? Why didn’t you listen to me?!" Siwon acted like he was angry when he said it but actually he just wanted to tease Yesung a little bit.
“I-I’m so-sorry Mr.Choi, I know I was wrong, I should’ve listened to you and I screwed up, I messed up the show, I’m such a failure, I don’t deserve my debut, I “ Yesung kept on blaming himself before being cut by Siwon.
“Yah-yah Yesung ssi, that's not what I meant, you didn’t mess up the show, you’ve performed really well last night and even though you fainted in the middle of your performance, it didn’t affect the show much, so you don’t have to be worry about it ok?” Siwon didn’t expect Yesung to take it so seriously and thinking maybe it was a stupid idea to tease him in the first place.
“I'm really sorry Mr.Choi... I thought that I really have...." Yesung didn’t finish his words and quickly turned his head sideway because he could feel that his eyes started to brim with tears and he didn’t want Siwon to see it.
“Yesung ssi…are you ok?” Siwon said as he tilted his head to get a better look at Yesung’s face.
“I’m alright Mr.Choi” Yesung said as he blinked his eyes a few times to get rid of the tears.
Siwon held Yesung’face and turned the smaller man to look at him and he could see the tears in Yesung’s eyes. Using his thumbs, Siwon wiped the tears away and said “You’re such a crybaby Yesung ssi..why did you always cry whenever I scolded you, you're a big boy already, you shouldn't have cried that much" Siwon chuckled and messed up his hair. Yesung bowed his head, too embarrass to even look at him. Yesung knew he shouldn't have cried every time Siwon mad at him but he couldn't help it, the tears just came out of his eyes without him being in control. He's a tough person and rarely cried over anything but in front of Siwon, he turned into a completely different person, because every harsh word said by the older man could really hurt him and he just didn't understand why.
"I'm sorry Mr.Choi.... I promise I won't cry the next time you scold me" Yesung said while keeping his downcast eyes.
"Listen Yesung ssi.....scolding you means that I do care about you, you shouldn't have worn out your body like that, look what it did to you, you were considered lucky to only suffer minor injuries from that fall because it could've been worst. If you want to be an idol, you should know how to take care of yourself, because whenever you get hurt, your fans are gonna be worried sick about you. Do you understand what I'm saying Yesung ssi....?" Siwon was kind of lecturing him this time.
Yesung lifted his gaze, a serious expression on his face and said "I understand Mr.Choi and I promise you that from now on I'm going to take good care of myself and thank you for not mad at me and even care about me Mr.Choi.....that really means a lot to me"
Siwon looked at him with a smile tugged on his handsome face "That's good then Yesung ssi...and I hope you can keep your promise" Siwon patted his head lightly.

Yesung left the hospital after being treated for 2 days, Hyukjae came to pick him up.
"Hyung, you're a famous person now, the company received a lot of inquiries about you after the show was broadcasted last night.
"Really?! You're not joking aren't you Hyukkie-ah?" Yesung exclaimed
"Yah hyung, why you always did not trust me, have I ever lied to you?" Hyukjae complained
"Yes you did, you often said that you're more handsome than me" Yesung pouted
"Yah hyung but that was the truth... I am more handsome than you..." Hyukjae said while standing in a model pose.
"Ok tell me more about it Hyukkie-ah" Yesung looked at him with sparkling eyes
"Yah hyung I'm gonna tell you all about it on our way back to the dorm, but first we need to check you out from the hospital ok?"
Back at the dorm, people started to treat him nicely, some because they had acknowledged his talent and the others because they saw the way Siwon reacted when he fell from the stage, and they didn't think it was a good idea to feud with the boss's golden boy. For whatever reasons they've started to become friendly with him, Yesung just felt so glad that he could live in a peaceful dorm.
On the next day Heechul called him to discuss about his upcoming debut.
"How are you feeling Yesung-ah? And from now on you can call me hyung ok?" Heechul has dropped the ssi because he preferred to have a brother like relationship with his artist.
"I'm fine..hyung" Yesung still wasn't used to call him hyung and Heechul just smiled at him
"You received a lot of compliments for your performance Yesung-ah and now there're a lot of song writers who want to write a song for your first album, this is a good start for you" Heechul said
"Really hyung? I don't know what to say... I'm so happy" Yesung smiled and it was rare for Heechul to see him smile.
"You should smile a lot Yesung-ah, I'm sure it's gonna be one of your selling point beside your voice" Heechul chuckled
"Yah hyung don't flirt with him" Siwon said as he entered Heechul's office
"Oh Siwon-ah you're here, I wasn't flirting, I just helped Yesung to realize his selling point" Heechul chuckled
"Yesung-ah you may leave, I need to discuss something with Siwon" Heechul smiled
"Alright hyung, excused me then, excused me Mr.Choi" Yesung said before he left the room
"Did he just call you 'Hyung'?" Siwon asked Heechul to reconfirm whether he had heard Yesung right.
"Yes why, all my artists call me hyung, there's nothing special about it Siwon-ah" Heechul answered lazily but then it dawned on him "Don't tell're jealous because he calls me hyung Siwon-ah" Heechul teased him.
"Of course not! Why would I be? It's not like he's my dongsaeng or anything" Siwon refused to admit that he was jealous when he heard Yesung called Heechul with hyung.
"Yeah right" Heechul giggled

Finally the time has come for Yesung to make his debut, his first single was released as the soundtrack of the famous Korean drama. His single successfully reached the number one spot in various Music Charts. The song had received a lot of good reviews from everyone and Yesung also got a lot of praises for his soothing yet husky voice. It was a successful debut for him and he had become one of the best male singers in Korean music industry. Everyone seemed to be happy with the result except for Jonghyun. Siwon had shown how he did really care for Yesung, sometimes he even came to watch Yesung's perfomance on stage, when he rarely did it for another artist including Jonghyun. One of the fans even managed to record when Siwon shouted Yesung's name during his performance and then uploaded it to YouTube. Jonghyun was jealous, he hated Yesung very much, for him Yesung had managed to take two things that he loved the most in this world, Siwon and his title as the best male singer in his company.
"My life has been perfect before you came and ruined everything Kim Yesung.... I won't let you steal everything away from me.....accident does happen sometimes Yesung ssi..... and I guess could happen to you too..." Jonghyun sneered at his own thought


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 6

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 6
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand


“You don’t have to be so harsh on him Siwon-ah, I thought you like that kid” said Heechul

“I do like him hyung, but this is for his own good, he has to learn to be responsible for his own action” said Siwon

“Are you sure that he really did it Siwon-ah? Are you sure Yesung was capable to do such a thing to Jonghyun?” Heechul questioned him and let Siwon wonder to himself, he didn’t know Yesung that well yet since he just met and talked with him couple of times, but somehow he could feel that Yesung was a good person and after rethinking about it he didn’t think that Yesung could do such a terrible thing to his cousin. But for Jonghyun to threw himself just to frame Yesung didn’t make sense either, Jonghyun had nothing against that kid, like Jonghyun said  before that Yesung reminded him of Jongwoon, why would Jonghyun want to hurt Yesung then? Siwon was in dilemma who should he trust right now.

“I know this is hard for you to choose who should you trust Siwon-ah, I don’t know who to believe either, but since Jonghyun only suffered a sprained ankle, I don’t think we should exaggerate this matter, they’re both young, and young people were less able to control their emotion, maybe they were just having a fight and then ended up Yesung accidentally pushed him down the stairs or Jonghyun slipped and then fell by himself, anyway we didn’t really know because we wasn’t there.” said Heechul.

“I guess you’re right hyung… “ Siwon sighed

“So let ‘s just forget about it ok? And anyway you’ve scolded him right, I could see that he really took it hard since he cried like someone has accused him of killing someone” Heechul chuckled

“Really? Did he cry like that Hyung?” The guilty feeling suddenly washed over him, he shouldn’t have scolded him like that, but he did it because he cared about him so much. He didn’t want Yesung behaving badly just because he got influenced by the rigors of competition in the entertainment world. But maybe he should’ve tried to listen to Yesung’s explanation first because it was probably just some misunderstanding between Yesung and Jonghyun.

“Yeah I think he hates you now” Heechul’s teasing voice made him snap out his revery.

“Yah hyung, I didn’t mean to do that…  what should I do know.. haiz” Siwon ran his fingers through his hair.

“You should stay away from him Siwon-ah” Heechul said in serious tone

“Yah hyung, you’re not helping me here, why should I stay away from him” Siwon looked at him in disbelief

“It for his sake Siwon-ah, I’m sure the story about him pushing Jonghyun down the stair has spread among the trainees and artists in this company, people are going to start to despise him for that and if you stay around him showing that you care about him more than the others would only add fuel to the fire, just let Yesung prove himself that he deserves to earn his debut” said Heechul

“You’re right hyung, maybe it would be best if I just stay away from him for a while at least until he manages to make his debut, although it will be hard for me to do since I’ve started to see him as Jongwoon” Siwon smiled bitterly.


The SJ entertainment was going to have its trial stage for their trainees, it was held to promote them to the community since they’re going to collaborate with the already established idols of SJ Entertainment and this event would be covered by one of the tv station. Yesung received even worst treatment from the people in the company after his incident with Jonghyun, they started to detest him and looking at him like he was a despicable person and Heechul was aware of it.


“I know there has been rumor going on about one of the trainee here, but now I ask all of you to just concentrate to prepare yourselves for this event rather than messing with thing that’s not important. I want all of you to cooperate with each other and no one is allowed to ostracize any of the trainees here, if anyone of you dare to disobey my orders, you are welcome to leave this company because tons of people are queuing to join this company” Heechul said in a cold tone. Siwon was indeed the President Director of the company but most of people in the company were more afraid of Heechul instead, since he was kind of scary when he’s mad.

Heechul prepared Yesung to sing in a trio with the other trainees, Kyuhyun and Ryewook and lucky for Yesung these two trainees were nice person since he still treated him good.  And since Jonghyun couldn’t join the event due to his sprained ankle, Heechul also asked Yesung to replace Jonghyun’s place to perform in his group.

“Heechul ssi may I have a word with you?” Yesung came looking for him

“Yes sure, what’s the matter Yesung ssi?”

“Could you find someone else to replace Jonghyun sunbae, because I don’t think I am qualified to do it” said Yesung

“If you aren’t qualified then I don’t know who else is Yesung ssi, you’re the best singer that we got so far” Heechul frowned

“Could you just do me a favor Heechul ssi, I just don’t want to create another conflict within this company” Yesung said with pleaded eyes

“Yesung ssi, I know you’re going through some tough times right now, but this is your opportunity to show your capability to others and if you manage to nail it in front of the large audience, then the people of this company will be bound to accept that you really deserve your debut” Heechul reasoned.

“But.. I don’t think…”

“Don’t think and just do it Yesung ssi, you want people to recognize your talent right? This is the opportunity for you to get it, just take it ok” Heechul said as he tapped his shoulder lightly.

Yesung went silent for a moment before he made his reply “Alright Heechul ssi, I would try to give my best for this event” Yesung just couldn’t find another excuse to say no to Heechul

“That’s the spirit Yesung ssi and I’m sure you can do it” Heechul smiled


Siwon was deliberately tried to avoid Yesung and even if they met accidently, Siwon would pretend not to see him and just walked away. Yesung thought that Siwon was still mad at him and it stressed him out. “Is he still mad at me? Does he still not believe me and blame me for what has happened to Jonghyun Sunbae?” those questions were always weighing on his mind. Despite the bad treatment that he received from other trainees and artists in the company, Yesung worked his ass off to be able to deliver a good performance for the next trial stage. He trained until late at night for the dance moves on Jonghyun’s part, which was hard for him to master it.  The heavy training and Siwon’s cold behavior toward him just built up a lot of stress within him, Yesung hardly slept for the past few days. Finally the big day had arrived, Yesung was preparing to go on stage when Hyukjae came and asking him “Yesung hyung… are you alright? You look really pale”

“I’m alright Hyukkie-ah, It’s just a lack of sleep that’s all, don’t worry about me ok” Yesung put up a smile for him. Yesung performed a ballad song with the trio, their voices blended so well together and Yesung’s wonderful adlibs managed to wow the whole audience.

“Nice performance Yesung hyung” Kyuhyun said with a smile tugged on his face when they were already at the backstage.

“Thank you Kyu-ah” Yesung smiled back

“I think you deserve the debut hyung, you sounded great” Wookie said

“Thank you Wookie-ah, I think I prefer to debut as trio rather than a soloist” Yesung put up a genuine smile on his face.

Siwon sat at the front row of the audience and his eyes never left Yesung trough out his performance “You had performed really well Yesung ssi… I’m so proud of you”. Jonghyun who sat beside him was aware that Siwon only paid attention to Yesung when the trio performed their song on the stage and it just made him hate Yesung even more “I thought I’ve succeeded in making hyung hate him, I was wrong….hyung still cares so much about him”.  And after the other several performances, finally it was time for Jonghyun’s group to make their appearance. Jonghyun was aware that it was Yesung who was going to replace him as the lead singer in his group, he didn’t like it but he couldn’t do anything to prevent it since he was afraid that it would draw suspicion from Siwon if he tried to go against it. Yesung was feeling lightheaded before the performance but he chose to ignore it, during the group performance he had to dance and his vision was starting to get blurry, he tried his best to stay focus but it was useless, everything around him began to tip and swirl. Siwon saw that Yesung moved awkwardly and he could sense there was something wrong with him. He got up from his sit and was about to walk toward the backstage when he saw Yesung lost his balance and  fell down from the 1.5meters high stage.  Siwon eyes went wide and immediately ran toward him.

He eased the smaller figured on to his lap gently “Yesung ssi..are you alright? Are you hurt?” He tapped Yesung’s cheek lightly trying to get the smaller man to awake.

Yesung opened his eyes to a mere slit and looking disoriented “I-It’s h-hhurt” He trailed off before totally lost his consciousness. Siwon began to panic, he quickly picked the smaller man up and then rushed him to the hospital.


Siwon was getting restless while waiting outside the emergency room” What took them so long, why there’s no one come out from there and tell me how he’s doing now!”  

“Siwon-ah, please have a sit ok, you’re driving me crazy by walking back and forth like that” Heechul said

“Hyung…what took them so long huh?! This is driving me crazy..” Siwon rubbed his hands on his face

Half an hour later a doctor came out from the ER and both of them were fast on their heels, charging toward the doctor and starting to ask questions.

“He’s alright….Yesung ssi suffered injuries to his neck and waist but nothing life threatening, so there’s nothing to worry about” The doctor smiled

“But why did he faint back then doc?” Siwon asked

“He collapsed due to exhaustion, did he get enough sleep lately?” The doctor asked

Siwon cursed to himself “That boy must’ve overtrained himself again, I’ve told him to take good care of himself, why didn’t he listen to me!”

“I will make sure that he will get enough rest later on doc, but could we see him now?” asked Siwon

“Yes sure, he has been move the recovery room, but he’s asleep now, you probably have to wait until he wakes up to be able to talk to him” said the doctor

“It’s alright doc, thank you” Siwon replied

Heechul had gone back to the tv station because he still had to supervise the rest of event. Siwon made his steps into the room and saw Yesung was sleeping soundlessly on his bed. Sitting on the chair beside the bed, Siwon watched his sleeping face closely “You are really a naughty boy, aren’t you Yesung ssi, taking revenge on me by making yourself like this. Did you know that you almost gave me a heart attack back there?” Siwon stroke his hair lightly.

“Sleeptight Yesung ssi…and when you wake up you’re going to hear a very long speech from me” Siwon leaned over and kissed him on his forehead.


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 5

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 5
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand

Resting his head on Siwon chest, listening to his heartbeat, feeling the warm of the older man's body had somewhat made Yesung feel so comfort and safe and as if he could stay in that embrace forever, he would. Siwon loosened the hug when he sensed the smaller figure had started to calm down.
"Are you alright? Feeling better now Yesung ssi?" Siwon asked as he watched Yesung's face closely.
Yesung just nodded since he felt so embarrassed about crying in front of Siwon after having a nightmare.
"That must've been a terrible nightmare for causing you to react like this Yesung ssi" Siwon said as he smiled and stroked Yesung's hair gently.
"It has been a long time since the last the time i had this kind of nightmare Mr.Choi, I used to have it when I was kid but it has stopped for the last few years, I don't know why it came back again" Yesung sighed
"Maybe it's because you're too tired Yesung ssi, why did you over train yourself huh? It's bad for your health" Siwon said
"It's because I need to improve my dancing Mr.Choi, I just really sucks at it" Yesung said with a sullen face.
"Don't bother about it too much Yesung ssi, you're going to debut as a ballad singer, you're not going to dance while you're singing" Siwon chuckled
"But people said that a good singer has to be able to sing any kind of song, including hip hop, I can sing it but I just can't dance to it, arrrghh why is my body couldn't move like Hyukjae, I tried to dance like him but it came out weird, Hyukjae said I dance like an octopus" Yesung started to forget that he was talking to his boss and he just pouted after saying that.
Siwon stared at him silently "Even he talks and pouts like Jongwoon, why do you have to remind me so much of him Yesung ssi"
"You can learn it later on Yesung ssi because for now I need you to concentrate on your singing and please don't wore your body out, I need you to be fit when you're having your debut, do you understand me?" Siwon said with serious expression on his face.
"I understand Mr.Choi.... and I'm sorry....." Yesung said with downcast gaze.
"You don't have to say sorry Yesung ssi, I wasn't blaming you, I was just worried about your health, and now please get back to your dorm and have a rest ok" Siwon patted his head lightly as he brought himself up and then offered his hand to help Yesung stand up.
Yesung dumbfounded at first but then he took his hand and excusing himself before heading back to his dorm.
Siwon eyes followed as Yesung walked away from his sight "I know the gossip must've put a heavy pressure on you Yesung ssi, please be strong ok..."

It was the next day when Yesung found himself being called by Minho
"Yesung ssi right? " Minho asked him
"Ah yes.... What can I do for you Minho ssi?" Yesung answered.
"Jonghyun hyung wants to talk to you, could you come with me for a while?" Minho asked him
"Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung found it weird but he went with him anyway since it wouldn't be polite if he refused the invitation.
He was brought to the building's emergency stairs, Jonghyun was already there waiting for him. Jonghyun told Minho to wait outside the door because he needed to talk alone with Yesung.
"Hi Yesung ssi" Jonghyun said as he put a smile on his face
"Minho ssi said that you want to talk to me, may I know what this is about Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung asked him politely.
"I want you to leave this company Yesung ssi, your presence has created gossip and jealousy among the trainees and this is not good for the company. I hate to say this but it's for the sake of the company and I hope you can understand" Jonghyun said coldly.
Yesung was stunned after hearing what Jonghyun just said, he took a deep breath before answering him "I'm fully aware about the current situation Jonghyun sunbae, but I would try my best to prove that they were wrong, please give me a chance to do it, it has been my dream since a child to be a singer and it's hard for me to let it go without a fight, please understand Jonghyun sunbae" Yesung tried his best to sound steady.
"Did you mean that you refused to leave this company Yesung ssi?" Jonghyun started to raise his voice
"Please understand Jonghyun sunbae, I didn't mean to go against you, please give me a chance to prove myself" Yesung pleaded
"Then you left me no choice Yesung ssi... " Jonghyun said before throwing himself down the stairs which left Yesung stunned, not knowing what he was supposed to do.
Jonghyun's scream when he fell down the stairs had made Minho barge in to the emergency stairs "Jonghyun hyung!!!! " Minho shouted when he saw Jonghyun lying at the end of the stairs below and immediately went to approach him and check on his condition, Jonghyun was still conscious but pain was written all over his face.
"What the hell were you thinking Yesung ssi?!! How could you push him like that!!" Minho yelled at him
"B-But I didn't push him, he.."
"Arrghhhhh" Jonghyun suddenly cried out.
"Jonghyun hyung, what's wrong?!" Minho asked him in panic tone
"I-I think I broke my leg" Jonghyun flinched
"We better get you to the hospital Jonghyun hyung"

"Jonghyun-ah are you alright?!" Siwon asked as soon as he entered his room in the hospital.
"I'm fine hyung... It's just a sprained ankle... Nothing to worry about" He stretched a smile across his face.
"But how did you fall from the stairs? Did you slip?" Siwon asked him
"He was being pushed Mr.Choi" Minho blurted out
"What do you mean by that, who pushed him?!" Siwon threw him an angry look
"Minho-ah it was an accident, I'm sure he didn't mean to do that" Jonghyun said as if he tried to protect the one who did it to him.
"But hyung, he still pushed you and he needs to be punished for that" Minho growled
"Tell me who did this Minho-ah!" Siwon said through his clenched teeth. Jonghyun had been like his own dongsaeng and for the past 10 years he was the closest person to Siwon. Jonghyun was always there to support him when he was going through a tough time after the terrible accident and knowing someone tried to hurt him had seethed his anger.
"It was Yesung ssi who did it" Minho said
Siwon looked at him in disbelief "It can't be, why did he do it?"
"It's my fault hyung... I asked him to meet me because I wanted to talk regarding the recent gossip about his debut. I thought he must've been depressed so I just wanted to say that he didn't have to bother about it too much because like you said hyung, the quality will speak for itself. But maybe I shouldn't have done it because he then accused me of being jealous that hyung would care about him more and worried that his career will outshine mine. I admit that I snapped when he talked like that hyung, we were having an argument when he suddenly pushed me down the stairs, I guessed he was getting too emotional so he unconsciously did it" Jonghyun sighed and pretended not blaming Yesung for what had happened to him.
"But why did you take him to the emergency stairs Jonghyun-ah, you could've asked him to meet you at another place that's more comfortable for having a talk. Siwon sensed there was something wrong about his story.
"I didn't want to trouble him more hyung, if others saw me talking to him, they would think that he uses his face to get closed to me too, that's why I met him there, but like I said hyung... It wasn't his fault, maybe he misunderstood me"
Jonghyun sighed
"But hyung! Even though he did misunderstand about your words, it was still not a right thing to do, pushing someone down the stairs like that, you were lucky that you only got a sprained ankle, it could've been worst hyung" Minho said
Jonghyun could sense that Siwon still doubted whether to believe his story or not "Hyung...I'm sorry.... I knew I was wrong, I shouldn't have interfered and just mind my own business but I couldn't help myself not to care about him hyung, he really looks like Jongwoon" Jonghyun said with doleful face.
"Well he's obviously not your cousin hyung, I don't think your cousin would've never done something that evil to you, I guess he was just being big headed after receiving a special treatment from the company" Minho said in sarcastic tone.
"Don't say like that Minho-ah, I don't think that he's that bad" Jonghyun said
"I will deal with this matter Jonghyun-ah, please take care of yourself ok" Siwon said as he walked out of the room.

Siwon asked Yesung to meet him as soon as he had reached his office.
"I guess you already knew what's the reason for me to call you here Yesung ssi" Siwon said in cold tone
"I-is this about Jonghyun sunbae?" Yesung stuttered
"Why did you do it Yesung ssi?" Siwon casted him a cold gaze.
"I didn't do it Mr.Choi, Jonghyun sunbae purposely threw himself down the stairs" Yesung said in panic tone
"Did you know how ridiculous you sounded just now Yesung ssi, you accused Jonghyun deliberately try to hurt himself by throwing himself down the stairs, did you really think that I am going to believe that?! I'm not that stupid Yesung ssi!" Siwon started to raised his voice
"B-But I was telling you the truth Mr.Choi.... Jonghyun sunbae.."
"That's enough Yesung ssi!! Why can't you just admit that you did it and then apologize for it huh?! I was hoping that you would regret it and I was ready to forgive you but you've disappointed me by keep on denying it!" The room suddenly filled with tension.
"I'm not going to admit it because I didn't do it!" Yesung didn't realize the he had raised his voice and he wasn't even aware that tears had slowly trailed down on his cheeks.
"What's going on here?" Heechul just came in the right time to ease the tension between them.
"Just asked him hyung.. I don't know what more do I have to say to make him realize his mistake and apologize for it" Siwon let out a heavy sigh and turned his gaze to Heechul because he couldn't bear to see the tears on Yesung's eyes, it made him just want hug the smaller figure and tell him that he didn't even give a damn what he had done to Jonghyun. But Siwon knew best that he had to be strict with Yesung, it's for his own good, he wanted Yesung to become a responsible person who dares to admit his mistake and apologize for it.
"Yesung ssi... could you leave us alone, I need to talk with Siwon privately" Heechul said in neutral tone. Yesung just gave him a nod and wiped his tears on his way out. It hurts... It hurts so much...why didn't you believe me Mr.Choi...


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 4

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 4
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand ^^

"I want to manage that kid" Heechul said casually when they were discussing about the trainees in Siwon's office.
"What kid hyung?" Siwon asked because they were dozens of photos of the new trainees and the ones who will be prepared to have their debut soon.
"That kid" Heechul pointed at Yesung's photo with a sly grin on his face.
"Kim Yesung?" Siwon threw him a confused look "What do you up to hyung, he's still a new trainee, he has to run through some trainings before he will be ready for his debut and more over he can't dance, you always say that the one who can't dance would never go big in the entertainment industry".
Heechul let out a small chuckle when he saw the quizzical expression on Siwon's face "Yah Siwon-ah, about his dancing skill I can force him to join an intensive training to make up for his lack of capability in moving his body, what more important is I really love his voice and his pretty face of course. And beside he's already 20 years old Siwon-ah, I don't think we should waste anymore time in some unnecessary trainings because for me he is more than ready to start his debut, he just needs a little polishing"
"Is that the real reason for taking him as one of your artist hyung?" Siwon still didn't believe him since Heechul was usually very picky in choosing the new talent that he wanted to manage, and the ones who were lucky enough to be chosen by him usually ended up as a successful idol, Heechul just had an eye in assessing this kind of thing.
"What else Siwon-ah? Or maybe you're suspecting me having a crush on him him, aren't you? Don't worry Siwon-ah, I won't fall for someone who's not prettier than me" Heechul chortled.
"I'm glad to hear that hyung, I was worried that you're going to ruin his innocence" Siwon said unconsciously
"And may I know why do you care so much about him Siwon-ah? you know, I saw the way you looked at him back in the audition room, your eyes were filled with admiration toward that boy, do you like him Siwon-ah? I always thought you're a straight one but I guess I'm wrong" Heechul mocked him
"It's not like you think Hyung!" Siwon was flustered upon hearing Heechul's accusation.
"What is it then?" Heechul teased him
Siwon couldn't deny that by looking at Yesung has reminded him a lot of Jongwoon and it triggered his protective instinct toward him.
"He reminds me of Jongwoon hyung....his singing....his face...his smile..." Siwon looked at him with a doleful face
"Somehow I knew that was the reason Siwon-ah... He does remind me of Jongwoon too and maybe that's one of the reasons why I chose him as one of my artist" Heechul was 4 years older than Siwon and his father also used to work as a manager in Choi's company, he often came to Siwon's house with his dad so he was closed enough with both boys.
"But he's not Jongwoon hyung... you saw his profile, he has birth parents" Siwon let out a heavy sigh.
"I know Siwon-ah, this is must be hard on you, isn't it?" Heechul could feel how frustrated it would be for Siwon to look at someone who reminded him a lot of the one person who he loved the most.

"Hyung have you heard about the new trainee boy that was picked by Heechul hyung? He's even going to have his debut in the next 3 months, what a shorcut to success" Minho told Jonghyun with an obvious sinister tone in his voice
"Really? What's his name?" Jonghyun asked him out our curiosity since if Heechul chose him, that boy must be good.
"Kim Yesung, and rumor has it that he got chosen because he looks like Mr.Choi's late dongsaeng" Minho said with a sarcastic look on his face.
Jonghyun could feel something seethed inside him, Jongwoon is dead and no one could ever come and try to take his place as Siwon's dongsaeng. Jonghyun had worked hard to fill the empty seat that was left by Jongwoon for the past 10 years and he wasn't going to let anyone to just come and use his looks like Jongwoon face to take it all away from him. He strode away, heading toward Siwon's office, he stopped for a while and taking a deep breath before walk his way in to Siwon's office.
"Hi hyung...are you busy?" Jonghyun stretched a smile across his face
"Not really Jonghyun-ah, just come in" Siwon smiled back at him
"Is there anything that you would like to discuss with me?" Siwon asked him
"Hyung... I want to ask you about a new trainee, Kim Yesung?" Jonghyun tried to maintain his composure while asking that question.
"What about him Jonghyun-ah?" Siwon asked in neutral tone
"I don't know if It's the truth but there has been a rumor going around that he was chosen to make his debut just based on his resemblance to..." Jonghyun was hesitated to continue his words, he started to question himself whether he was making the right decision by coming and complaining about the new trainee, he even hadn't seen for himself if the trainee really looked like Jongwoon or not.
Siwon smiled at him "You don't have to finish your word Jonghyun-ah, because I already knew where you were going with this conversation, it's about his resemblance to Jongwoon right?" Siwon looked really calm in dealing with this gossip and Jonghyun just gave him a nod.
"I won't deny it by saying Yesung doesn't look like Jongwoon, because he does Jonghyun-ah, a lot. But, that's not the reason why he was chosen to have his debut early compare to the other new trainees, he has an amazing voice Jonghyun-ah, you would've agreed with me once you hear his voice, and don't mind about the gossip, the quality will speak for itself" Siwon said wisely.

Jonghyun blamed itself for rushing things down without even bothered to check about it first, and even if Yesung did look like Jongwoon, it didn't mean that Siwon would treat him like his own dongsaeng, he felt so stupid for making himself looking so shallow in front of Siwon. But to fulfill his own curiosity, Jonghyun decided to see this Yesung with his own eyes. He went to the training room, the new trainees were having their dance lesson. He looked at them one by one through the glass walls, trying to find Yesung. His presence was soon being noticed by one of the trainee.
"Look it's Jonghyun's hyung" being an famous idol, lots of the new trainees were fans of his and it had created a scene. The dance teacher saw him standing outside the training room and he gave him a sign to enter the room.
"All of you must've been familiar with Jonghyun ssi right, he also used to be one of the trainee here but now he has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular idol in Korea, so all of you have to practice hard if you want to be like him" said the dance teacher in order to boost the spirit of the new trainees.
"Hi I'm Jonghyun, It was nice to meet all of you, and please give your best during your training" Jonghyun gave a short speech.
Yesung recognized him, Jonghyun was the same age with him, but already gained huge popularity in Korea and even in Asia. He admired him for that but couldn't help but feel jealous at the same time.
"But could you please introduce yourselves because I love to get to know all of you too" Jonghyun said because this way he could find which one is Yesung.
One by one introduced themselves and finally it was Yesung's turn.
"Hi, my name is Kim Yesung, it was nice to meet you too Jonghyun ssi" Jonghyun didn't realize that he was staring at Yesung because he tried to look for his resemblance to Jongwoon and he had to admit it, Yesung did looked like Jongwoon, although he only remembered Jongwoon as a kid, but the contour of Yesung's face was pretty similar to little Jongwoon.
"Jonghyun hyung, why do you keep on staring at Yesung?" said one of the trainee
Jonghyun just smiled and then said "Because he looked like my late cousin, but I guess all of you probably already knew about this"
Yesung already heard about the gossip and it really put huge pressure on him and being accused as being chosen to debut early just because his similarity to the boss late dongsaeng had made him work his ass off to prove that he was really worthy of it.

Siwon was working late tonight since he had so many pending projects to deal with, looking down at his watch Siwon realized that it was already 11pm and decided that it was time for him to go home. He closed the door behind him and on his way out he noticed that one of the training room's light was still on. "All of the trainees should've been back to their dorm at this hour". Siwon walked toward the training room to check on it, looking through the glass wall, he saw someone sat with his back and head leaning against the wall, probably sleeping. Siwon took a further step into the training room and once he had a better look at the person, he recognized that it was Yesung. Siwon came to approach him "Why is he sleeping here and he's still wearing his training suit, did he train himself until this late hour? Yesung stirred in his sleep and slowly moving downward from his sitting position. Siwon moved him gently back to his original position. "Aigo this kid.... do I have to wake him up?" watching his sleeping like a baby face, Siwon just didn't have the heart to disturb him. Sitting beside him, Siwon studied his face closely "You really look like Jongwoon Yesung ssi....that high nose...small lips...pointy chin..." his thought was interrupted as Jongwoon's head moved down and rested on his shoulder. Siwon started to feel like dejavu since Jongwoon also used to rest his head on his shoulder whenever he felt sleepy.
"Ngghhh....." Yesung was mumbling in his sleep
"Yesung ssi, are you awake?" Siwon could see that his eyes were still closed but he was getting restless in his sleep.
"Nooooooooo!!!" Yesung woke up by his own shouting. He was panting hard, sweating and tears trailing down his flawless cheek. A touch on his shoulder had caused Yesung to almost jump from his sitting position " It's alright Yesung ssi, it's just a nightmare" Turning his head around, Yesung found Siwon was there beside him looking at him with worryful eyes. Yesung didn't know why, but with Siwon being there had made even more difficult for him to hold his tears back. Siwon wrapped his arms around him and drawn him near into his hug "Sssshhh it's alright Yesung ssi... I'm here... no need to be afraid ok...".
Not far from the training room someone was staring in resentment at the hugging scene that was being played right in front of his eyes
"No one is allowed to take my place away, I would make you hate him hyung....." Jonghyun clenched his fist as he walked away.


The Long Lost Brother Chapter 3

Title : Long Lost Brother Chapter 3
Rating : G
Genre : Brotherly love, Angst
Characters : Yesung, Siwon, broken Jonghyun
Summary : Siwon will lose the only brother that he truly loves
Length: Chaptered
Warning : Age switch
Disclaimer : English is not my first language, if you find some grammatical errors and wrong choices of vocabularies, please understand ^^

"Morning Mr.Choi here is the financial report for the first quartal this year, our profit has increase tremendously compare to last year, due to most of our artists have manage to penetrate the international market especially Asian market, the biggest portion of our revenue this year was from the overseas concert ticket sales" Siwon took a quick glance at the numbers that were presented in the report "Thank you Kibum ssi, I'll look into the details later, you may go now" Siwon said as he stretched a satisfaction smile across his face. Kibum smiled back and excused himself before he left the room. On his way out Kibum ran into Jonghyun, he greeted him with a nod before heading out.
"Morning hyung" Jonghyun greeted him as he sat at one of the chair in front of Siwon's desk.
"Morning Jonghyun-ah, how was your concert in Japan, I heard it was a big success, congratz Jonghyun-ah, I'm really proud of you" Siwon said with a proud expression was obviously shown on his handsome face.
"Thank you's all thanks to you, I would've never accomplished this without your help" Jonghyun was very happy to know that Siwon felt proud of him.
"It's not because of me Jonghyun-ah, it's all due to your own hard work and amazing talent in singing, I absolutely got nothing to do with it so I ain't gonna take any credit for it" Siwon let out a small chuckle
"Yah hyung.... It felt like you don't want to be involved in my carrier" Jonghyun pretended to look sad and disappointed.
"You perfectly know that it's not like that Jonghyun-ah, hyung would always support you any way I can" Siwon said with a serious look on his face.
"I know hyung.... I was just kidding" He stuck his tongue out at Siwon.
"Aigo this kid!" Siwon hit Jonghyun's head lightly with a pen.
"Aahh It's hurt hyung....." Jonghyun acted as if it was really hurt
"I ain't gonna be fooled again Jonghyun-ah" Siwon chuckled and then they just both ended up laughing together.

"Yesung-ah, do you really want to go to Seoul?" Mrs.Kim looked at him with a sad look on her face.
"Yes mom.... I really want to try my luck in the entertainment industry, my dream is always to be a singer mom... and I hope you can support my decision because I wouldn't go there without your blessing" Yesung smiled at her while holding both of her hands in his.
It's not like Mrs.Kim didn't want to support Yesung in reaching his dream, but she was afraid that someone from his past might recognize him later on. Although it had been 10 years and Yesung didn't remember anything about his past, but there was still a slight chance that others might recognize the adult him and it scared her. She knew his family had looked for him because when she went to Busan few months after she found him, she saw the missing person ad in the newspaper but she didn't want to lose him, Yesung was already like her own son, a son that she could never have because she's barren. She decided to keep him and even registered him as her natural child with the help of her friend who worked at the government agency. However when she saw the sparkle in Yesung's eyes every time he talked about his dream, he couldn't help but feel guilty for being so selfish. Yesung had talked about this since few years back, because if you wanted to become a trainee it would be best if you joined it since teenager, and this year Yesung was going to turn 20, if she still insisted to prevent him from going to Seoul, he might lose the chance to realize his dream and what kind of mom who would prevent her son from achieving his dream just because her own selfishness.
"Mom... why do you stay silent? If it's hard for you, I prefer not to go, I would rather stay here with you and helping dad with his work, it's ok mom...really" Jongwoon really wanted to go but he was willing to give up on his dream if it was gonna make her mom sad.
"Yesung-ah.... If you really wanna go then go.... mom will support you" Mrs.Kim smiled brightly at his beloved son
"Really mom?!! Do you really allow me to go to Seoul?" Yesung couldn't hide the excited tone in his voice
"Yes Yesung-ah, but promise me you will always keep in touch with us, don't let me worry about you ok....." Mrs.Kim patted his head gently as she said it.
"Don't worry mom I will! I'm so happy mom, thank Youuu" Yesung hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek.

Siwon was looking at the files of the new candidate for the trainee, he was hoping to find a person that he had been missing for the past 10 years. Every year he hoped Jongwoon would apply as a trainee since with his capability in singing plus his pretty face, it won't be too hard to get into the entertainment industry. He had tried to find Jongwoon by placing the missing person ad in every media he could think of and even offered some money as the reward for the one who managed to find him for almost 3 years after the accident. But the result was people start to bring him persons who looked like Jongwoon just to get the money, so he decided to stop offering the reward and used the service of a private detective to search for him but the result was still the same, Jongwoon was nowhere to be found. After 5 years Siwon had started to lose his hope, if Jongwoon was still alive, why didn't he try to find Siwon or try to contact him at least, but then he though of something, it was a terrible accident, what if Jongwoon took a hard blow on his head and suffered from amnesia so he didn't contact him, he knew it just happened in a movie but there's a slight chance that it could happen in real life too, he just refused to give up on Jongwoon yet, it was his last hope. But Siwon didn't even sure that he could recognize Jongwoon just by looking at the photo since he knew Jongwoon as a child, his face must've been going through some changes over the years, and with all the plastic surgery that had been booming for the past few years almost all the male trainee had the same type of pretty face as Jongwoon. So he tried to look for the additional requirement which was the adopted son or orphan, but so far still no luck in finding him, Siwon really started to lose his hope and thinking if it was the time for him to accept the fact that Jongwoon had died in that accident. It was the last page of the file, he read the name "Kim Yesung" age "20" talent "singing", he looked at the picture, it's another pretty boy but he has birth parents and why do they all look like Jongwoon?! Siwon started to think that his obsession in finding him had corrupted his mind. He closed the file and leaned on his chair, staring at the ceiling "Jongwoon-ah, hyung misses you so much, please tell me where you are Jongwoon-ah, tell me you're still alive.... "

Yesung was waiting for his name to be called restlessly, he had lost the count of how many times he went to the rest room because he felt so nervous. "Why does it take so long, almost all of them had been called, when is my turn? Did they even received my CV, arrghh this is so frustrating!" Yesung mumbled to himself. And there were two people left, Yesung looked at the man who sat across him in the waiting room and he could tell that he was as nervous as him. "Hey.. What's your name" Yesung called him because he just had to find someone to talk to or he would go crazy because of the long hold.
The other man looked at him with confused eyes as his finger pointed at himself.
"Yes you... My name is Yesung.... What's yours?" Yesung said as he saw the man was confused whether Yesung was talking to him or not.
"Ah... I'm Hyukjae, the dancing machine" He introduced himself with a shy smile tugged on his face
"I guess your talent is dancing then....mine is singing" Yesung smiled at him
Hyukjae was about to reply him when he heard his name being called.
"Ah it's my turn, wish me luck Yesung" he said as he walked toward the audition room.
"Goodluck Hyukjae!" Yesung said as he cursed himself for being the last one to be called.
And then finally it was his turn to be called into the audition room,Yesung could feel that his heart beating wildly in his chest "Oh God please help me" he prayed silently as he walked toward the audition room. There were 3 persons in the audition room and surprisingly they were all young, Yesung was expecting to face older people in the audition room.
"Please introduce yourself" a lady like man said to him and Yesung tried to keep his voice steady when he introduced himself.
"So Kim Yesung, Heechul ssi has asked you to introduce your self and you said your talent is singing right, as a vocal trainer in this company, I would like to hear your singing voice first, why don't you sing us a song and please choose a song that could show off your singing capability ok" Yesung recognized this one, he was the famous vocal trainer Lee Sungmin.
Yesung decided to sing the song The more I love, his voice quivered at first because he was nervous but as he drowned himself into the song, his true ability in singing was shown which left the 3 persons in the room agape.
"It was amazing Yesung ssi" it was said by the third person in the room and Yesung didn't know why but looking at him had triggered a warm feeling in his heart as if he knew him before.
"Thank you....Mr.." Yesung couldn't figured out his name.
"I'm Choi Siwon the president director of this company...nice to meet you Yesung ssi"